Thursday, February 26, 2009

So tired...I bunned today sans elastic band

I am exhausted! Got to bed really late...anyhoo, managed to do my m&s last night (wave nouv & hot6) and this morning (mango butter & HBCO) then bunned with no elastic bands. My hair is still on a break from those things. My hair is soo soft!

On another note, my church is having some black history month program to fundraise money for the kids camp this summer and I'm dancing (fun!). My friend is playing madam CJ Walker and she wants be to be her hair model. I don't mind this at all but then she wants me to plait my hair so it'll be wavy then she'll apply pink lotion to pretend that she's straightening it. Ahm..PINK LOTION!! Ewww. I was like no I dont think so. But since I don't wanna seem like a hair snob I agreed to bring my applicator brush and have her pretend to apply something to my hair.

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