Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First quarter 2012 update...

First off, I am in love and happy I made the decision

Then, the woman who installed my extensions really messed me up. Pieces have come out leaving the twists exposed. Some locs are really thin and others are thick. I am so annoyed. Only the beauty of my actual hair coming out makes me happy and hopeful. I am worried about the ones around the edges but I am hopeful none will break from weight/stress of the extensions.

Sunday I washed and retwisted my own hair. Was not bad. Put it in a bun.

I have tried a number of gels and I have to say this the best thus far - Joie MyGel - I have avoided beeswax so far and I'm happy about that. I did have some shea butter at the beginning and I regret that but that's the same person who did my extensions and I'm guessing she doesn't know much about loc care.