Sunday, February 15, 2009

Look what I got!

Covering my head with my satin bonnet or scarf then using my winter hat to cover to protect my hair from my coat & the elements (PIGEON POO, rain, sun, smoke, soot, bus seat, cold, etc) seems to help with my hair health...I commute into NYC by bus. So I bought some lovely tams. Right now I have one brown one that is getting abused. These aren't all wool like the one I have now so they can be used in the spring and summer as well.

Here's one that I ordered (I got 4...the dusty purple, a dark green (like army green), a dark grey, and a natural color (looks like taupe)...the person is gonna send me a free gift too since it was my first ebay purchase. Niiiiiice.


  1. I loooove those hats, i even knitted a few, but i had to stop wearing them because of the damage, but you gave me a good idea to wear the scarf and the hat, especially since its winter. the more layers the better.

  2. I agree! I am so glad I discovered this