Friday, February 20, 2009

I am having a NERVOUS BREAKDOWN!!!!!!!

The henna has killed my hair.

Real quick (so I can get to my breakdown) - I put the vatika in the henna like last time and apply. I then covered with 2 plastic bags and walked around for 40 minutes and sat under heat for 20. I washed and washed and washed with shampoo and condish to make sure all the henna was gone. Then I DCed with my DPR-11/honey/vatika mix as always but I went under heat for 20 minutes for extra measure. Rinsed in cold water (really trying to be good here). My hair felt like SCOTCH BRITE!!!!!! I applied leave-in but I just could NOT rollerset the mess my hair was so I got back in the shower, clarified, used my deep moisture shampoo (desperation), then used some DPR-11, stood still for about 3 minutes with it in my hair (that is really all I can handle with my anxiety over my hair) and then rinsed, added mills creek jojoba oil condish and rinsed. 2nd attempt to roller set hair. I just REFUSED to rollerset the mess my hair was.

So now I have church in the morning but I sit here with my hair wet, not rollerset, not drying but DCing with my alter ego garlic condish and honey. I'm going to bed with this on. This MUST be fixed.

I have lost so much hair the pictures won't suffice but here they are nonetheless.

Henna rinse out

Detangle after clarify & poo & condish

Need I say NO MORE HENNA!!!!!!!????????????????????

-I did take pics of my henna process but that is of no interest to me at the moment-

My beautiful hair BEFORE the henna tragedy of 2009

UPDATE: I decided to wash out DC after about 40 mins and roller set and go under hooded dryer. I am calmer now but still annoyed at myself.

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