Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Loc extensions

So I am into week 3 of these loc extensions and I am no longer itching. That, and I'm loving it!

Here are the promised pics

Day 1 - crazy itch!!! I actually prayed about it lol

Today, 2 weeks and 2 days later

Some new growth. I don't retwist until 8 weeks so I have plenty to go but I am considering getting a shampoo in another 2 weeks. In the meantime, Seabreeze and oil mix.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

An update to surpass all updates

Where has Shar been? I couldn't begin to tell you the full story. I am just going to try to update you as best as possible.

So you know I was attempting to transition and failing miserably - after 6 months I texlaxed. That was April 2011. Then I texlaxed again in June 2011. Then I really just wasn't happy with my hair. I didn't like the relaxed ends anymore, I was annoyed at the texlaxed part cause they looked odd and dry - not quite natural, not quite relaxed.

After hemming and hawing, I sat down for 14 hours last Sunday and had loc extensions installed. Yup. How am I liking them? I love the idea of them - don't care what persons with locs say about the "journey." That's the good part about my journey - it's mine, so you can sniff at my extensions all you want. In 2 years, you'll have nothing to sniff at. Now why did I specify I liked the IDEA of them? Well cause them babies are irritating the skin off me!!! My scalp is irritated and itching. The lady installed them too tight so I was in pain Monday and Tuesday. They have loosened since but I think the tightness bruised my scalp because spraying Sea Breeze burns it. Then I use oil sheen. For now, that's all I'm doing.

This weekend I plan to make an oil spray with my hot6 and castor oil.

I can't wash these babies for 3 more weeks so I better sit still and embrace the itch. Can your body/scalp be allergic to human kinky hair? **sigh** Anyhoo, for the pretty penny I paid, these aren't going anywhere.

So there you are! All updated! The next thing I owe you - photos. Good news - finally got a camera so we are in business.

Hope you have been having happy & fruitful hair journeys. Leave me a comment and let me know how it's going!