Monday, February 16, 2009

New goal

So now that I think it has sunk in that I am APL (arm pit length), I have decided that BSL (bra strap length) is my next goal. I don't want to set up a date for that except it would be nice to be BSL by the end of the year.

I should be back to bunning today but I want to milk it a little more since today's a holiday. Tomorrow I'll be back to my old regimen which means buns, and tomorrow is wash day. Last night was also my last day of wrapping my hair this week. I'll prolly wrap it 2 more times (this Friday night and next Fri night) to enjoy it straight for two more Saturdays then I'm back to twist outs and such.

I have decided I will not be getting that trim after all. I prolly won't be back to Yerena until April relaxer. She did great and I will admit I was nervous as all heck. In the meantime, I'll use my barber shears and do my search & destroys when I see anything.

Here's my hair yesterday. Had to go to the hospital to visit someone. I know I know, my bathroom mirror needs some cleaning (oops).


  1. congrats I'm trying so hard to get out of EL to SL hair is NOT been cooperative. I think it's not used to all of the attention

  2. Haha! Shower it with attn & TLC =)