Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back to buns

I won't say I missed them but I'm getting used to it. Oh! I think I forgot to mention that the ponytail holders I use for my buns live (hehe) in a ziploc that has hot6 oil in it. I do that to prevent hair breaking out when I remove the ponytail holder at night. Sometimes I use extra virgin olive oil as well. This really works - I never have hair coming out with the ponytail holder since I started doing this.

Nothing new today except I do have a new co-wash conditioner to try this evening if I get around to co-washing. I finally got my HE LTR conditioner. That should be fun. I think I'll DC with the DPR-11, honey, & oil mix on dry hair....not sure. This may all just have to wait until Wed depending on how today goes...I have sooo much to do.


  1. Your hair is gorgeous. You and your buns are insiring me to start bunning again.

  2. thanks ladies. Bunning is the truth!