Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The decision (& a new challenge)

So, I checked with the ladies at Hairlista - they have my back - and they say relax early and that's what I'm gonna do. I don't wanna fail my no direct heat for a year challenge and 9 weeks is good enough.

I have decided to join yet another challenge...the Castor Oil challenge. I'm gonna have to purchase castor oil (can't use the Hollywood beauty castor oil I have since it isn't pure) and apply it to my scalp after washing. I'll just apply it to my parts and massage it in I think. So off to GNC this weekend to get it. Challenge runs from Feb 7th - April 7th. This works particularly well cause I'll be close to relaxing then too.

I need to keep track of my challenges:

*DC 2x a week for 2009
*No direct heat for 2009
*Lose 20 lbs in 2009
*APL by Dec 2009
*Thicken that hair up 2009 (1st round ends July 25, 2009) - already failed this one. Not taking the vitamins, not drinking 6 glasses of water a day...
*Moisturize and bun challenge (ends March 14th 2009) - m&s twice a day & bun 5 days out of 7
*Castor oil challenge (ends April 7, 2009) - use castor oil on scalp 2 x week on wash days

NO MORE CHALLENGES - unless they fit with my current regimen

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  1. Girl, I remember doing lots of challenges. I had to get where you are now, too. I was at this point. I told myself that until I knew my hair and had my regimen set, no more challenges. So far, so good and I am back on a challenge now, but rollerset only, it doesn't require me to stray from my normal regimen that much .