Wednesday, October 19, 2011

my first retwist

I didn't like this style Sunday when I got it but everyone else did and it's grown on me...I have to get used to the loc look. I am on the hunt for a new stylist already - the one I have works at a very unprofessional shop with too high prices.

I want someone I can stick with long term and that won't happen at this current shop.

I am 2 months into my journey.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

8 week update - loc extensions

So it has been 8 weeks since the loc extensions were put in.

How am I feeling? I am liking it and I haven't regretted it yet but I will admit I miss my relaxed hair some days. Then I think of how rarely it would look like what I wanted it to (once a week and after a fresh relaxer) and how even in a bun my locs are rocking, and I am content with my choice.

I was worried about how the folks at work would react and it's been all positive. I even got a compliment this week when I finally was able to coax the hair into a bun.

Yup my kitchen sink in full effect :-)