Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Off to the salon tomorrow...

I saw split ends this weekend...like multiple. Put me in a small frenzy. So I'm off for a trim, a bang (was growing it out but I don't wanna anymore), and color (semi permanent). Will share results :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Where is my hair? Product reviews and updates

This is gonna be looooong.

So first of all:

My relaxer. I am 4 weeks and a couple days post relaxer and my roots feel like 6 weeks or more. I will admit I rushed my hairdresser last relaxer so I'll be relaxer early this time, maybe 8 or 9 weeks to compensate and I won't be rushing anyone lol.

New products...Organics shea butter and tea tree oil moisturizer. When I first used it I thought it felt like water. Not very greasy or oily like I probably think Wave Nouv finishing lotion feels. It was strange but I thought why not? It's supposed to be moisture and then I seal so it should be ok. Two weeks later my hair was breaking and no matter how much product I used to moisturize my hair, my hair just felt wetter and not more moisturized. Then I panicked. Yesterday morning I washed my hair after an overnight DC with all my old favorite products and it felt strange and I saw some breakage and said heck no! Hauled ass to Sally's bought my Wave Nouv last night, moisturized and seal and I won't lie, my hair feels better.

My hair this morning:

Then I showered and I have no clue how the hair escaped the shower cap. Ruined! I was so annoyed! So it ended up in a roll.

Nexxus Emegencee. This heavy protein tx is so much easier than the 2 step by Aphogee! It feels like a gel, very slick on the hair, not hard. I don't know if I feel like it did anything cause I'm so used to the hardness and the long process and I only used it once and won't be using it for a long time so we'll see...I'll keep you updated.

My hair currently: Yesterday I got the shock of my life. I took my orange curlers out and went about doing my usual curly style then went to the bathroom to apply make up. My husband noticed something on me and said what is that...I looked down...it was like snow. I have no clue if I have dandruff or dry scalp. My scalp is itchy. I have never had to deal with it before but it was like whoa! So now something has to be done to keep up my scalp health. I'm not sure if JBCO can help but my first thought was to get an applicator so I could apply it to my scalp, or do ACV rinses every other week...I'm gonna make up my mind this week after some research. Otherwise, I think I've been experiencing some breakage and shedding. I hope going back to my moisturizer will fix the breakage and the shedding may just be seasonal - we will see.

Oh! My hair has been to Denver. Oh my goodness! Being so high up, the air is just dry dry dry and using that organics moisturizer was no good lol My skin is still recovering. Here's my Denver hair: