Monday, February 2, 2009

Ruined pictorial - twist out

Very short.

So here are the prods. The balancing moisturizer was very so-so. Seriously so-so. I don't think I will replace it.

Can I say heart attack???!!!!! This is why I'm not stretching a day past 10 weeks. In fact, I may relax 5 days early. First is shower, second is detangle.
Meet the twists and the soft rollers on end (I soaked them in EVOO about 2 months ago)
This is the texture...eeek!!! (not too clear - taken with the bberry)

I will have to redeem myself. Maybe this weekend lol


  1. Never did a successful twistout, probably don't plan to, but I will optimistically look forward to seeing yours. I can't seem to get twist out right.
    Anywho, the Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer is complete garbage. It seemed to suck the slip right out of my hair. I couldn't believe how rough my hair felt and not to mention that it didn't even remotely restore the moisture after the aphogee protein treatment(the hard one). I threw it away. I couldn't imagine giving it away to someone.

  2. I DO NOT LIKE THE BALANCING did nothing for my hair. I'm gonna use it with oil & honey I think. As you can see over there I am def not replacing it ---->