Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Tues wash

So I cowashed after the gym with Wen cleansing conditioner. It is so thick. I find it ok though. I think I'll try one of the others next. Then my 2 min reconstructor while I showered. Then DC with an alter ego/DPR-11 mix since my alter ego garlic cond is done. Then used the porosity. Some hair came out but nowadays I'm not stressing too much about it. My hair is def less heavy and greasy. Wheeee!

Sweaty gym hair

Fresh out of the rollers


This morning

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

OMG I cannot wait to wash my hair tonight

I washed on Fri (skipped last Tues which made me sad) and it came out so heavy and thick. I don't think I washed out the DC properly but tonight, it is on! 2 min reconstructor and all *grin* C

Can you tell I hated not washing mid week? My hair was so icky by Friday. Results tomorrow. Wheeee!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Holy Jeeez!!!

What am I doing??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have just semi-told myself I will do a 16 (note I said 16) week stretch!

I am going to invest in a blow dryer and brush for my roots in preparation for week 5. If I fail, I fail but it will not be said I didn't give it EVERYTHING I got.

The only other things I need: more rollers so I can set smaller, castor oil to add to my DCs and patience.

>>please note I said semi...i still need to really mull this one over<<


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A late update - relaxer pics

Here are the results of my April 17, 2009 relaxer with Mizani BB. All pics are from Saturday. First one looking a little thin but by the afternoon, it had improved (pic #2).

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Coming to the close of this stretch

I was gonna wait another week, and in all honesty, I could but since my hairdresser is pregnant and due the first week in May, I'm not taking any risks. Tomorrow it is. 9 weeks today officially. I impress myself. Until the last 2 stretches I have NEVER waited more than 6 weeks.

Anyhow, work is a beast and I've been exhausted these last few days. No time for this or my hair. So I've been m&s with mango butter and HBCO since I want my hair coated with something thicker and just putting it back in a bun daily.

Thursday (today):
Wednesday (yesterday):

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Final pre-relaxer blow out

So I had a very very busy weekend and am now being able to post the pics from Sat. Somehow, my hair looks as though it has grown but how possible can that be? So since that wasn't believable, I didn't do any progress shots. I'll do that this weekend after my relaxer.

No more extremely damaged hair tags =)

Hopefully, I'll never have to use it in reference to myself.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

8 weeks post

Today, I am officially 8 weeks post. This is my third stretch on my healthy hair journey. I used to relax every 6 weeks. The first time I stretched I went 8 weeks, the second time, I went 9 weeks. I guess that means I should stretch 10 weeks this time. I'll see what happens. Tomorrow I get my blow out in preparation for my friend's birthday celebration this weekend. I should say, my hairdresser is pregnant and due on May 10th - my 10 week stretch ends April 23rd. I am not too sure if she'll be available or not. It would make me sad but I could find someone else. I guess. I have 2 other alternatives - one MUCHO expensive and then another Dominican who has done my hair before, just not so convenient and not as awesome as Yerena.

So the curls died last night. I just m&s w wave nouv & hot six oil on the ends, then mango butter and HBCO on the edges. Then covered and went to bed. Finger combed this morning.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Got some Dr. Bronner's (8 weeks post tomorrow)

So I went to Target to look for leggings and left with this instead:

I have an excuse. Really. Thing is my hairdresser is Dominican and although she and I can communicate well enough, she doesn't seem to understand/like my Wen cleansing conditioner because it doesn't get soapy enough for her. I brought it last time I went and she didn't like it/use it...well she tried 2 pumps then gave up and slathered in the shampoo. I guess we all love our ammonium/sodium lauryl sulfates even though they aren't good for our hair. So this has none of the bad stuff but she'll get the suds and soapiness she loves while my hair will get a break.

I washed my hair last night: Wen, then 2 min reconstructor, porosity then DPR-11/honey/vatika DC for about 25 mins w/heat. Rollerset, sat under the dryer for about 15 or 20 mins then went to bed with the rollers in.

Didn't have a clue what to with all these curls...wrapping for 15 mins sure wouldn't have helped so I just pinned them back. Seems to work. I think. m&s with wave nouv & hot 6 plus used a little mango butter and HBCO on the front when pinning it back.

The ones below are before I blended the curls together

Tried to blend in the curls some...

What's in the background??? Hairlista!!!! LOL

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Monday!

So I m&s using the regular - wave nouv. and hot 6., pin curled, and went to bed.

That is all. I should say though that my hair is super soft. As usual, I dread the gym. It does nothin for my hair...

May or may not do a protein tx this week before my Fri blow out. I need to invest in a brush and quality blow dryer. I bet I could do my own blow outs. I'll save that mess for some other time though. Right now, I'm taking a chill pill.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

7 week post Dominican blow out

So I went to the salon to get my blow out. It was ok. Nothing special. She did not use my new shampoo...she'll try it next week. We have a small language barrier so I let somethings slide. The only thing I would like to say is: Jeeeeeez!!! Why do they shampoo so rough...she tangles everything when she shampoos my hair. So rough!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nuttin nah gwaan

Went Jamaican on you for a sec there. But really, not a thing going on.

I've just been super busy. m&s with wave nouv and hot 6 before bed, put on my satin cap. Wake up, m&s again then bun. Life has just taken over. Tomorrow though I head to hair salon to get a wash and DC (bringing Wen and Alter Ego garlic) then get a blow out on my 7 week old roots.

I think I explained before that I'm not going to relax next week again. I am going to try to go 10 weeks. My hair kinda needs the break after the henna nightmare of 09. I may do the 3 hour thing on Tues evening. I know, I should do it on the weekend but I hate to destroy the cuteness of my blowout on the weekend so I'll suffer on Tuesday, stay up late and do it then.

-catch you with pic after my wash on Friday (& my hairdresser's opinion of Wen)-