Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My new hats *grin*

So yesterday my new hats came (& I got an extra from the seller! whoooo). I love them! Today I tried the freebie one and it fits so snug and looks so cute. I will enjoy these even more in the spring.

It was a veerrrrry long and lazy evening yesterday but after the gym I forced myself to do my DC (DPR-11, honey, & vatika) and co-wash with HE LTR condish. then I dried in a plait. Hair was still damp this morning but whatever, I bunned it anyway. It will be dry by this afternoon I guess.

Oh! I forgot to mention. My hair may be getting an additional wash on Sunday. Think I'm gonna try henna again. We'll see. Maybe I should do it Fri night. I wouldn't have the time to sit there with it. I may have to sit under the dryer for an hour on medium heat instead of hanging around the house for 3 hours. Then I'd have to rollerset and dry. Gosh! That's about 2 hours under the dryer (eek!). I would have to get my henna mixed tomorrow tonight...

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