Monday, February 2, 2009

Bad results but pictorial still coming!

I didn't post the pictorial yet. So sorry! First, I did it Fri night and have all the pics home on my camera BUT I didn't like how it came out. Not sure if that's because I used the Aphogee 2 min re constructor. My hair just didn't feel as soft as it usually does. I did use the Aphogee balancing moisture after. I have decided I don't like how that leaves my hair. It isn't very thick for one thing, and it does nothing for me. I think I would have been better off using my Aussie w honey and oil. I think that's what I'll do Fri after my Aphogee 2 min. Anyhoo, I have no pics of the final product (it looked diff from the one below) but I'll still post what I have.

In the end I co-washed on Sunday morning again because I didn't like the feel of my hair. I used Aussie moist and then did 20 minutes without heat with the garlic conditioner - I forgot to use it Fri night. My hair felt much better. I dusted the very tips of my hair. Quite a bit came out while washing Fri night - none came out on Sun night. Quite a bit came out in both detangles but I haven't been combing so Idk if it's good or bad. I can say it was more than 3 weeks ago. But not as much as when I pull out my 2 week cornrows from back in the day.

I was thinking to either get a blow out on Thurs Feb 12th for Sat Feb 14th or relax my hair 5 days early. I am not which but now that I'm typing this I'm thinking I'll get the blow out Thurs. That way I can start basing scalp and prepping my hair for Tues relaxer - I'm not sure if that relaxer should postponed to the Thurs. I'm so indecisive. Thing is, I go to the gym Mon-Thurs so whats the point of a Tues relaxer?

It is 2 weeks to relaxer and I still don't know what I am using to relax!! Decisions, decisions!

Pics tonight when I get home.

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