Monday, February 9, 2009

Combing dry hair

I don't think I'll be combing until Wednesday evening. I'll comb and base. I combed this morning to put my roller set hair into a bun and all I can say is thank goodness for mango butter. Combing dry hair is not ideal at 9 weeks post.

Dry comb hair loss

I need to go to the bss. I have no cowash conds (V05 & Aussie Moist), my leave in feels light (HE LTR), I want to try a new leave in as well - Elasta QP H2, my mango butter is getting low, and my hot6 is low also.

I also need to purchase my relaxer.

On that note I have a friend (who thinks I am crazy with all this hair stuff btw) whose friend has been using this relaxer with great results so I asked her to get the name. Turns out her friend is usnig Affirm. Great. Another to add to the list. I have been looking at the Affirm Fiberguard and I am not entirely sure what to think. Such a difficult decision.


  1. Where'd you get mango butter from?

  2. My beauty supply store. I live in NJ & work in NYC so I have a lot to choose from. If you can't get it try online