Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas was too good

So I forgot to take pics of my hair till last night after I had slept on it all's in a high pony that is bent under

With apologies for my laziness lol

Monday, December 21, 2009

Where oh where has my hairline gone???

Well my left front edges to be exact.

It is non-existent. My friend and I noticed this weekend, I have no hair there. So it is my new project. I'll be switching my sides ( I always part my hair there). I'll be wrapping and styling on the other side. Plus I'll be applying castor oil to that spot regularly.

These be the BEFORE pics.

ok, here are the real relaxer pics

So yes, still APL. No more trimming and hopefully no shedding disaster this stretch.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

BB pics

Ok, this weekend the pics will be much better (and I'll be able to get pics of the bang too). I will have batteries for my camera because I'll be in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. I am excited!

These I took last night with the blackberry. I am still APL but am I seeing things or does my hair look a bit thicker?? A girl can hope. Since there's no change, I guess I trimmed about as much as I grew. No trimming this stretch. Oh, the bang isn't so bad. I'm learning to deal with it.

This one was from Sat (pre relaxer) - random, I know lol

It is freezing today! I have my hair in a wrap and I think it's gonna stay that way. Need to keep my cap on. Goodness!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Relaxed but no update...YET

I'm anxious to see how much damage I did. I trimmed 3 times the last stretch (never again). I can eyeball it, and I think it didn't move one bit. Got a side bang. BIG bang fail lol.

Can't believe no camera and no batteries. I'm getting a disposable today because I need it for my office Christmas party.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Got a trim on Friday

I felt it was the right thing. I will admit, I've trimmed my hair twice this stretch but I thought the hairdresser would do a better job so I okayed it anyhow. I guess third time's the charm. Scissor happy???

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I am 7 weeks post

as of yesterday.

I think am going to stretch longer. I already have a basic plan.

Hairdresser for pin curls if I have time on Friday, 12/4
Hairdresser 12/15 (my birthday) for a side bang and blow out and wavy style - I'll be 9 weeks post
Then relaxer 12/23 @ 10 weeks post (I think)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Washed yesterday

Used the Mizani strengthening treatment as recommended on container (10 mins under dryer w plastic cap). I don't sense anything different but I'll let you know after a couple uses. Anyhow, I cowashed w HE LTR and then DC'd, rollerset, and sat under dryer for 45 mins (still damp in places) then had to rush out.

I am 6 weeks post
Next wash: Fri morning at the hairdresser. Pincurls are in order.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Taking a break from...

*Air drying in a bun
*Mid week co-washes

Yup. I went on Fri (brought my products) and got my hair washed w my aphogee deep moisture poo and DC w alter ego garlic cond at Yerena's (and blow out the roots) and I couldn't be happier. I'm going to revamp my regimen and post this weekend. I saw some hair come out when she roller set but after that, no more. And styling my hair this week has been a breeze. I am 5 weeks post, hoping to go for 10 but we'll see.

No shedding! =)

So to church this weekend
^^Happy girl^^

My Sunday laundry look

& finally.................

Enjoy the food, fellowship w/ family & friends, and shopping!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

My weekly style usual buns (click to expand).
I washed my hair this week. Carefully DC'd in parts with garlic, honey, and castor oil. I think it shed less but still a frustrating experience. Do you know what is starting to annoy? The hair running down my back when I'm showering. I think I'm overwhelmed.

Ok, I am taking a break for awhile. Going back to what I did in the spring. Hair salon every other week or so. Doing very little on my own. I am quite frankly tired. My hair feels better, is smoother (so sheds less on me) when I get it done at the hair salon. It just doesn't get the long DCs. So every other week (the one I'm not going to the hairdresser) I'll do a protein and moisturizing DC at home. I'll still be m&s twice daily, etc.

Started off in style by taking my behind to the salon this morning. She shampooed w Aphogee deep moisture poo and DC under the dryer for abt 10 mins w Alter Ego garlic condish. Then roller set, dried, blew out the roots and wrapped. My hair was 5 weeks on Wed. Pics on Monday...I have the cutest headband for tomorrow.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Quick shedding update

My hair is shedding off the scale! I even have a bit of breakage. I seriously am annoyed. I am going to do additional protein tomorrow - probably Nexxus or one of those. I have to do more research. The 2 step is just a bit too time consuming. Then keep at the deep conditioning and air drying. May add a bit more garlic than my Alter Ego. Not sure.

I have buns to post and will do so at the end of the week maybe but had to complain about my shedding. I've been in buns forever it seems and will be. No more hair out until shedding is stopped.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

T.L.C. for fall 09

So my hair is shedding and I've been trying to keep my typical panic down. That means I'm not doing anything too drastic like henna or my Japanese treatment which I still don't have a name for hehe.

Last night I did a hot oil treatment then just cowashed it out. SO MUCH SHEDDING! I decided to trim. Did it in about 4 pieces (abt quarter to half inch...not much). I think it came out pretty straight....slight curve which I don't mind. No more trimming/dusting until next relaxer. For this weekend's wash I got my honey, so just need my garlic conditioner (Alter Ego) and I'll be all set. On Fri/Sat, I'll be doing cowash, porosity, and garlic cond/honey DC. I've also been air drying. Oh, and the following weekend, I'm considering doing another 2 step protein tx...depends on how my hair is behaving. Maybe it missed all the washing. I stopped co-washing/washing twice a week for about 4 weeks.

After trim
Today...still shedding. Grrrrr!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Buns galore

My camera died so I had to find the charger before I could post last week's buns (click to enlarge)
I think I'll start doing this versus posting a bun a day.

Anyhoo, I haven't used my garlic conditioner in awhile. Thanks for the reminder my fine hair sista. I'll be purchasing some at the end of this week to use on the weekend. Hopefully that helps with the shedding. Did a cute bun on Sat but no camera :( it even got compliments. I'm going to have to re-do so you'll see.

Friday, November 6, 2009

I need rehab lol

The last time I was at APL, I went and did henna (did something wrong) to control the shedding and ended back at SL.

Now my hair is shedding again (more than sheds regularly of course) and it is just depressing. Then this morning I see shorter pieces..breakage???? *faint* I don't think I can handle this mess. I just can't. Last night I clarified, then did a 2 step protein, and DC. I am planning a hot oil treatment in my near future. Like Tues evening. Something has to be done. I'm getting that same pre-henna antsy feeling. I'm like an addict looking for a fix except it seems I wanna try 5 fixes at once which will probably spell disaster.

I don't want my hair to fall off but I just can't help my curiosity.

1. My co-worker is Sri Lankan and she has this 4 step conditioning process done by this Japanese hairdresser in NJ (like 10 mins from me) and her hair just looks so lovely. She did it recently in particular because she was training for a triathlon and her hair suffered from all the training. She has MBL hair. I kinda want to wait before I do the Japanese thing. I need the name of the treatment so I can do some research (was trying to call them today but the number was busy), then I need to bring my hair back to a decent state where it isn't breaking and shedding like crazy before I even consider the treatment.

2. I've been considering going to Yerena (my hairdresser) and getting cellophanes done. It has been over a year since I did that and I think it was really helpful.

3. I'm tempted to do a light dust.

I just CANNOT do everything at once...I need to be controlled. I have to take things slowly. I hate when I get frantic about my hair. It ends up back at SL lol.

Anyhoo, here's a wet pic of my hair (camera died & no idea where the charger is...probably some box somewhere). Def APL. woot!

Shar, you will do NOTHING but research the Japanese treatment, you will NOT do cellophane, you will NOT dust. Just do hot oil treatment on Tues, and protective styling for the next week. Do nothing!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In the naughty corner

I am upset at myself and my schedule. My hair needs a good 2 step protein treatment and DC - it's shedding way too much for newly relaxed hair. I still haven't found the time. I need at least 2 hours, preferably more. Thurs maybe? We'll see.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Moving and still took pics of my hair this weekend...

Plus I was studying for an exam...I am focused (or obsessed lol)!!

So my hair got very basic care this weekend. I need to really take sometime off to care for it soon. I still haven't done my 2 step protein since my relaxer. Just too much going on.

I washed Fri night with my Optimum pH poo and did a 5 min condition (with plastic cap) in shower with my Silk Elements Mega cholesterol. Roller set with orange setters and air dried while I shredded old mail/papers and slept. When I got up Sat, it was dry. Did a little pin up with a cute feather thing I found in Target. Yup! This style is something I can get behind. Love the feathers (I have 2 hair bands with feathers too!).

It drizzled in the eve then full on rain and I didn't get to take pics till the eve so the hair has been rained on =(

my empty apt
my temp spot for the month...a mess I know (the comforter and decor is NOT mine nor to my liking lol)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Cold days

So, during the winter, I think my hair gets the best treatment. In the mornings and evenings it gets covered and protected from the cold and my sweaters with my many hats, plus I bun 90% of the time.

I took photos this morning so you could see what I do.

So first, I catch my hair up in a ponytail, twist the ends and pin it down. Then I cover with my scarf. This is perfect for when my hair is past 6 weeks. On those days I have to spray with my motions nourish leave in then tie. By the time I get into work, it's nice and flat.

After I cover with whichever hat matches best.
When I get to work, I go into the bathroom, pull off the hat and untie scarf, then use the pins to bun my hair.
This is from last Friday...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Breaking rules hehe

Yea. Hair out today. I have a very important appointment tonight so it is worth it. I'll make it up to my hair by being very loving this weekend. I already decided I'll do a neutralizing poo, 2 step protein, and overnight DC. And one last wrap. Yes, I am not a fan of wrapping my own hair anymore. So I don't. I just pin curl or pin up and cover. I leave the wrapping to Yerena (my hairdresser). As for styling, with the exception of some Saturdays, I'm back to bunning/protective styling with a vengeance.

So last night, I co-washed with v05, did a 2 minute protein then rinsed with my old old Nexxus Humectress. I think it's done now and I'm not replacing. I've been trying to use up some products that are almost done to save myself all the extra packing (I'm moving).

roller set with purple rollers, did homework while it air dried a bit then sat under dryer for about 35 mins.

yea so the hair tucked itself into my sweater...
so I swept it out...

Monday, October 19, 2009

LOVE new relaxer hair. Creamy crack rocks hehe

Nope. Didn't see the movie yet.

So, went out to celebrate a friend's birthday this weekend and did a side bun (I sweat in my hair so I have to keep it up) plus my hair was bone straight (bump gone) so I couldn't rock it out.
Then, Sunday did a bun. Then today, did I mid-head pony. LOVED it. I felt so proud walking around with healthy hair. I know it looks good so it makes me feel good. All the stress is worth it on days like today.
But, now I must be good and go back to bunning 5 days out of 7. I'm not full APL yet and I wanna trim so I need some healthy ends.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Good Hair by Chris Rock

I go to see that this weekend. I can't wait.

Black women def obsess about their hair. Well some. I am one of them. I'm def a girly girl. I love when my hair and skin are at their best. My body is a close third and shoes right behind.

It is just the way it is and I don't really plan to be offended.

I'll let u know on Sunday or Monday. Enjoy the weekend.


I relaxed. Couldn't wait. I also didn't trim or cut although I'd like a bang, and I need to dust. I decided I'd save the bang for my birthday in Dec and dust myself when I had the time.

Hair a little thin, I think I'm gonna take a step back from all this cooking I've been doing =) and just take it easier....Modified JBCO is what I'll call it!

I am def grazing APL but I won't update side bar pics until Dec when I'm sure to be there (I hope, actually)

UPDATE: MY RELAXER PIC WAS FEATURED!! Yay! Check it out at Hairlista! The place to be. Makes me excited for full APL & BSL

Yea, it's in a ponytail. I'm sick and I have to put on a hat so....

Monday, October 12, 2009

Need a revamp

I honestly don't think my hair is responding so well to this JBCO as others. Actually I think I'm overdoing it. I got a blow out on Fri and my hair was and still is greasy and flat with no bounce. I have never experienced that coming from the hairdresser. It looks lifeless and thin. Back when I was just doing less shampoo and more moisturizing and sealing (M&S) I got to APL so quickly. I definitely think I used too much JBCO in the DC but I have also been doing too much I think.

Here is my new regimen.

Weeks 1 - 4
Cowash and DC once a week.
Protein reconstructor once a week.
M&S twice a day
Bun or other protective styling 5 out of 7 days

Weeks 5-8/9
Cowash and DC once or twice weekly as needed
Protein reconstructor once a week
Clarify and 2 step protein once (week 7)
M&S twice a day
Bun or other protective styling 5 out of 7 days

I will use a small amount of JBCO in my DC mix along with honey. I will also add it to my sealant mix (with a lighter oil - carrot oil)

I relax this week (Thursday) so I will do a one month JBCO challenge update

I have learned one important fact during my hair journey and it is to listen to my hair. Right now, my hair is overwhelmed with JBCO. I just need to use it less often. I used to use JBCO back home and I know my hair likes it. Maybe not as much as I'm doing it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

All the pics and stuff - I am past 8 weeks!!!

So I am 8 weeks!!! Actually, I'll be 9 at the end of this week =D

Did a cowash with HE LTR and Nexxus (yes, trying to finish up the bottle since I'm packing), then did DC with my Silk Elements/JBCO mix for about an hour with no heat. Let airdry in 2 big twists.

I think I'm going to do my 2 minute protein tomorrow's wash then Sat wash should be the last one before I relax. Should I stretch more?
Was gonna do a wet progress pic again but I looked, saw NO progress (lol) so just smh and moved right on
DetangleHeading to the gym last nightToday's bun

My liquid gold is done (wave nouveau) so I'm stuck using mango butter which is fine with me but I miss my wn.

The next big thing I need is JBCO - I don't want to order it online. The place (sams 24/7) that sells it at a reasonable price is 38 mins and $20 in tolls away so I'm thinking I have no choice lol. I paid $15 bucks for it in the Bronx, I could do that. Before I do anything though, I think I'll take the subway to Harlem and check if they have it there. That's only $5.