Thursday, February 12, 2009

I still don't have the things I need for relaxer...

Went to bss after work and the supplier forgot to deliver my stuff. Great. They brought everything but mine. So the owner of the bss promised to go pick it up for me this morning and I'll go get it at lunch time. I should mention this place is close to my bus station i.e. 10 blocks from my office. I only do that 10 block walk in the morning and evening. Now I have to be doing it at lunch (back & forth). Flipping fantastic.

Good news though - I got the Elasta QP H two leave-in spray. Gonna add it to my list of prods. See how it goes.

My hair has been based with hollywood beauty castor oil (HBCO), moisturized and sealed within an inch of its life. Hope this protects it later on just in case hairdresser does a poor job of basing or if any overlap occurs. I have 2 twists pinned up today.

UPDATE: I finally got them at about 2 pm. whew!!!

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