Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mizani Butter Blends Review

So I finally made the swtich to lye...Mizani BB normal relaxer to be exact. After 16 years of relaxing with no lye and 7 years of Just 4 Me kiddie's relaxer, I decided to take the plunge.

First things first, I didn't buy the entire system. I got the relaxer, the normalizing and chelating shampoo, and perPhecting normalizing creme conditioner. I based the night before and loaded on the oil and moisturizer the night before. The hairdresser didn't even base me (!) I know, I know but I gave her so many instructions that I figure she could get away with this step since I had based. Not next time. I burned a little in the front but it went away during the wash...guess more of a tingle.

I am tender headed so I really felt her navigating through the thick brush of my NG. By the time she had applied it and gone through it once, it was tingling. This is why I used Just 4 Me all this time. In any case my hair came out very straight. Not a surprise, you just have to look at it hard enough and it straightens. Anyhoo, then she put the conditioner in and instead of letting it sit like the instructions said (she read them) she did washing motions and rinsed then repeated. After she did 2 neutralizing & chelating poos then did more conditioner and put me under the dryer for about 15 minutes. That's it.

The biggest deal is that my hair was silky smooth when I washed it out. Such an awesome feeling. I could tell I wasn't souping myself up because my Dominican hairdresser even mentioned it to me. She was like "I really like that perm Mami" Yup. so it gets 4 thumbs up. 2 from me, and 2 from Yerena. OH! She tried to recommend a trim and I said not today, thanks LOL I need to see my length and check my ends for myself first.

One bad thing. I bought the Elasta QP H two and took it for her to use for my roller set. When she sprayed it on, my hair felt so hard she decided to wash it out. So I did another conditioner. Maybe someone can help me figure out how to use it...I would like to give it another chance.

Won't be taking out my wrap until Saturday so these are all the pics for awhile. My hair feels fantastic. Absolutely no regrets about using Mizani BB.

I am soooo relieved to be relaxed after 9 weeks. I kinda didn't realize how much I missed the fresh perm feel.

Next relaxer: April 9th is 8 weeks
April 23rd is 10 weeks


  1. Very excited to see the results and btw took me a lil while to figure out what bss means in your other posts lol..

  2. Can you tell I figured out how to post with my name?...I won't be annoynmous anymore lol

  3. Great! Welcome more anonymous =)