Monday, April 18, 2011

Long overdue update

So I quit natural journey became a texlaxed journey yesterday. I did 1/4 cup EVOO in 1 cup Motions relaxer. 6 months to the day.

This is why I did it:

1. I was rocking buns constantly because braid outs and twist outs took waaaay too much time and didn't last past 5-6 hours. My buns were cute but everyday made me feel BLAH

2. The length of time washing and detangling was taking. I definitely was not looking forward to battling my 4/5/6 month roots each week.

3. I just was not enjoying the transition process. Except the curious feel of my roots, that is. That was nice :) and the feeling that I did not need a darn relaxer...

...till it turned out that I did cause I don't wanna be bothered with the time consuming process.

Now it's texlaxed, I feel great! Hopefully I can still see the thickness when I have more texlaxed hair.

Result of my 6 month stretch? Damaged relaxed ends. I know 24/7 buns sound like a treat for my ends but no, in fact they look awful. So Friday, I'm going to get them trimmed - hope not too much. Then I shall share length check.

FYI - my bff did the opposite of me and did a BC :-D She looks FAB!! She is loving her hair and getting used to caring for it.