Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I co-washed midweek

The one thing I have no time for and said I couldn't do.

Why? Because while at the gym last night little broken pieces of hair were coming out in my hand. The first thing I thought was my hair got sweated out Sat night and Sun at dance rehearsal. Then last night at the gym made the 3rd sweat out and dry since my Sat roller set. I have dance again Thurs. That would just be too too much for my hair.

So after gym, I put some mane n tail in my hair (after the sweat air dried) for about 5 minutes, then rinsed it out, then co-washed with mane n tail, and did a last wash with my NTM daily condioner (to combat the mane n tail). I bunned my hair right there in the shower w a little NTM for leave in. No detangling. I pat out some of the moisture with a t-shirt, then tied it down and went to bed. Still wet this morning. I just moisturized and sealed then put it back up. But since it's been out for an hour or so (since I got into work), it dried a bit. I finger combed it a bit this morning but nothing came out. I hate to see breakage. That's lost length. So I abs had to hair was talking to me.

Quick review of Mane n Tail: So far, it absolutely does NOT work in my DC mix but seems to cowash well. Go figure. My hair was still soft when I was done.
I guess this mid week regimen is still a work in progress.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A new product, my curls & the gym

Yes. A packed post lol.

So, first things first. I went to BSS to get some conditioner. My plan was my garlic conditioner, and a cheapie to do my mixed up conditioner. As usual, I got distracted. I saw Sedal SOS ceramide conditioner and remembered reading about them. Curiosity killed the cat I know but I really can't help myself. So I bought the conditioner. It was $7.99 so cheaper than my garlic cond ($16.99). Can't seem to find a pic so I'll have to take one and post another time. Mine is in a jar. Oh, I should point out I work in a Latino neighborhood so I'll always find those products. Then I got my cheapie -Lustra Silk. They have an organic conditioner now so I got that instead of the regular olive oil I usually buy.

I cowashed with my Neutrogena triple moisture (NTM) daily conditioner which I forgot I had. Can I just say, NTM, HE LTR condish, and Aussie Moist condish are THE BEST cowash conditioners you could invest in. Well, that's been my experience. They never let me down. Then I applied the Sedal (I did add some JBCO to it), and DC'ed overnight. I detangled in the shower this time, then rinsed and roller set with HE LTR leave in.

Review of ceramides: This was my first use but it smells great, is pink, and has a lovely soft texture (not thick like DPR 11 or Mizani Kerafuse) similar to the cholesterol fam of cheapie conditioners. My hair was nice and soft when I took shower cap off in the morning though I worried about leaving it so long (but all was well).When I rinsed it, I felt lots of slip but when it was all out, I lost the slip feel dried beautiful though. Nice and shiny as you'll see below.

Curly Style #1
I will try to show you my curly styles and my straight styles. This is how I do my roller set curly style - I do this with the orange curlers or the pink ones (smaller - takes longer to dry). I sat 45 minutes under the dryer.

Then I remove the curlers, separate with some IC gloss (I use the one for damaged hair because I want my hair to get as much of whatever they put in it lol so I recommend you buy that one) on my hands and thats it. This is 20 minutes after I've removed the curlers. The curls drop on their own so don't pull on them.

This is after I've been out in the wind, dust, and been at church (4 hours after). The weather was wonderful!
Now for the gym. I don't quite think I want to introduce my hair to dry conditioner but I'm heading to the gym this week and I need to do something. For now, I'm planning to just use a bit of leave-in and seal after, allowing it to air dry. Then I'll wash as usual at the end of the week.

Oh! One more thing. I got a leave in from a friend. It's just a tester bottle but I'll be excited to try it. It's called Jane Carter Solution revitalizing leave-in conditioner. If anyone's used it, let me know what you thought. Based on what I'm reading on the site, I think it's something I'm gonna love. I really like the ingredients. It maaaay replace my motions nourish. We'll see.....

Friday, March 19, 2010

I know I'm beautiful :)

I know many of my readers don't rock natural hair but I thought you'd like to read this article. I'm one of those ladies that feel black and proud relaxed or natural. I can't hide my blackness, don't wanna hide it, def don't need to prove it :) and there's nothing on me that needs enhancement (the way I rock my body and hair is a choice). I don't always have good days but I know and have been told by my mother that I am beautiful just the way I am. She's never steered me wrong before, so I believe her. Every child needs that.

Please, read the open letter to black women published in the Miami Herald by Leonard Pitts, Jr back in October 2009.

I've included here an excerpt which includes my fav part:

"So go on, sister, do what you do. I ain't mad at'cha. But neither am I fooled by your chemicals and weaves.

I am your brother, your father, your husband and your son. I've seen you in church with big hats on, giving children the evil eye. And at the jail on visiting day, shoring up that wayward man. And at the bus stop in the rain on your way to work. And at the dining table with pen and paper, working miracles of money. When I was a baby, you nursed me, when we were children, I chased you through the house; when we were dating, I missed half the movie, stealing sugar from you. I saw you born; I took you to your prom; I glowed with pride when you went off to school. I have married you and buried you. I love your smile. A million times, you took my breath away.

You are the rock and salvation of our people, the faith that remains when all hope is gone. So if it's about the need to be beautiful, maybe it's time somebody told you:

You already are. You always were."

Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pls share your gym regimen for your hair w me!

I go to the gym 2-4 times per week (since Dec 2008) & I sweat in my hair. I mean almost soaking wet when I'm done.

At one point I was co-washing my hair mid-week but that really makes no sense for me (I have no time with home life, and school). So as an alternative I've just been moisturizing and sealing (wave nouv finishing lotion & proclaim 7 oil) after the gym, then I pin my hair up, and keep it moving.
Right after gym...m&s then pin up. Hair soaking wet
At one point, I was wondering if I should add a nickel-sized amount of leave-in conditioner then seal versus my wave nouv. after the gym. But last night I wondered if any of you ladies had your own gym routine for your hair you'd like to share.

I know I could learn a thing or two from you...any advice is helpful.

TIA :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

After relaxer care

Usually after a relaxer I'll find myself looking at my hair more than usual. Maybe it's the new length or whatever but this is a good time to notice any split ends or pixie knots (those tiny knots that form in the strand). If I see any such thing, I get to dusting. One of my lovely readers asked about trims and dusting in my relaxer post and motivated me to do a search & destroy. I saw 1 split end and a pixie knot. I got rid of those then did an overall dust just to be sure.

So #1 after relaxer care: check out the ends.

The next thing I do is protein. One week after relaxer, I think protein is very necessary. I usually do my 2 step aphogee protein the week before and then just a reconstructor the week after. This time however, I was on a hunt for some stronger protein for the week after my relaxer. I didn't want to do the whole 2 step thing (it's a process) but I use the reconstructor weekly because it's so light and I feel my hair needs more since it's just been relaxed. Guess what I forgot I had? My Mizani Kerafuse. I bought it months ago, used it once, and put it away. It's a protein treatment made specifically for use post chemical services. I didn't really enjoy the texture of the product the first time I used it (very thick similar to DPR-11 in texture in that it does not budge lol) so I added a bit of my Proclaim conditioner, and JBCO to it to loosen it up. I used it under dryer with plastic cap for about 20 mins. The results were good this time as well as last time (see link above) so I say Kerafuse may become my new after relaxer protein (it's too pricey to use regularly).

So #2 after relaxer care: protein.

Hope you all found this helpful!

On the right is my newly washed hair Sat - I think when I wash it, there's some was all puffy lol. Then on the left is Sunday before I covered with scarf & hat to head out to help my friend clean her new apartment.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Random pics...

Exams have been whipping my butt but I've been taking pics with the hopes that I'll one day post.

Because of studying (late nights, no time, no energy), I haven't been able to really experience my hair. It was up in a ponytail Mon, then a bun by Tues, and so it will stay. I plan to pre-poo, and begin my usual regimen this weekend. I'm gonna incorp. Mane & Tail to see what happens. My hair is more manageable now & it needs the protein since it was just relaxed.

This is Monday
Then Mon night I let it out...the waves were gorg.
Then Tues...back to bunning. It is very easy bunning I should say. I literally wrap it around and clip it down with one of those tiny claw clip things. No ponytail holders or pins. My hair must be loving this break. This is not my usual new relaxer behavior.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

March Relaxer

After 12 weeks (11 weeks and 5 days to be exact) I finally relaxed!

To be honest, not much growth but it was a good experience. My hairdresser said it was good I decided to wait so long to give my hair a break. It wasn't so easy though. I ended up using Motions lye relaxer because my Mizani butter blends is done. I really like it.

I'm still at APL. No big difference. I'm still loving my hair tho.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Final wash

Sunday I clarified, did my 2 step protein, then DC with DPR-11, Proclaim daily conditioner, honey, proclaim 7 oil, and JBCO.

I then rollerset, went to bed. I used A LOT of HE LTR leave in to detangle. I don't think I have detangling down at all at this stage in my stretch. It wasn't dry the next morning so I did the dryer for a bit then sprayed the front with my Motions Nourish and tied it back into a ponytail. My hair is 12 weeks. There is no hope of a style right now. I just don't have it in me because I have midterms and I'm mid move. Plus I have never met this hair before. I'm a new convert (6 weeker turned 8/9 weeker) so 12 weeks is out of my range. Anyway, my hair felt much better than last week so I'm blaming the Mane n' Tail (which I didn't use this time around) BUT I should say although it made my hair strange, my hair did not shed exessively or break.
I don't know why the pics wont enlarge when you click today - strange. Anyway, I'm def sporting about an inch of NG.

Batteries for my camera and a relaxer should make for an excellent weekend.

Oh, my appointment is Fri the 5th of March, not 4th.