Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Finally, I washed.

Gee, an entire week! My hair was like "this chick is crazy!"

I finally washed last night. I don't know what or why I waited so long - weellllll, I kinda loved the feel of my blown out hair. So really quickly, I used my new cleansing conditioner. It was fine. I don't really know if I used it properly but whatever....my hair is 7 weeks post on Thursday so I do my best. I did the 2 min reconstructor, then about 25 mins of DC with heat (garlic cond), then a min or 2 of the porosity cond. Then rollerset and sat under dryer for about 35 mins. Half dried then I wrapped. Not planning to wrap again, just had to get rid of the setter lines and the curls. So I had some shedding in the shower, and also when I wrapped some came out. The big difference is my hair felt soft the entire time so I'm grateful. I think I'll have to do the entire "extremely damaged hair" thing again. Maybe next week Tues night after the gym.

My hair was soooo pretty when I took the rollers out but then this morning...blah. That's what I get for not completely drying my hair but whatevs. It just needs to last until Friday. No complaints about the Wen yet, we'll see what happens on Friday.

This morning

After cut pics

So here's my Saturday and Monday hair styles.

I did not wash my hair all week *gasp*!!!!

Was just tired and also didn't want to lose that great feeling but had to break down and wash last night...I'll discuss that in the next post. Anyhoo, my hair was fairly well behaved...had wonderful texture, sometimes it was a little difficult to figure out how to style it since it's shorter. Had my moments where I missed my hair but I am in a MUCH better place than I was before the cut.

I did a side sweep on Sat for church. I thought it looked very cute from the front and in person. I don't know that the camera captured that well

This was yesterday. By the end of the day this was falling apart lol

Friday, March 27, 2009

Nothing going on

Decided to wait until Sunday to do my hair so tonight I'm gonna roller set dry tonight and see if I can revive my hair. No hairdresser till Fri. You think if I do the hooded dryer with the dry set, that will help me get some curls??

Gym again last night so hair got another beating. m&s w wave nouv & hot 6 like previous night.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Got my new co-wash conditioner!

So my Wen Cleansing Conditioner came in the mail yesterday *big grin*

Now one would think I was over this whole PJ thing BUT NO. Sunshyne over at Hairlicious had to review Creme of Nature Professional Nourishing and Strengthening Treatment particularly from the mindset of a DPR-11 lover (which she is). She proclaims this one a winner so of course now I am intrigued. Once my 2 jars of DPR-11 is done, I will purchase this and use this instead.

Went to the gym last night and I thought "well there goes my lovely blown out roots" but alas! It wasn't so bad. I just m&s with Wave Nouv. and Hot 6 oil, did one huge pin curl where my ponytail for the gym was, and tied it down. Not so bad. I am soooooooo tempted to go to the hairdresser tomorrow so my hair is cute for the weekend but I think I'll just wait until Sunday and do it myself then go to the hairdresser next Fri instead. Or I'll do it myself Fri night - fat chance at that happening. This morning I m&s again with the same prods then put a little mango butter and HBCO on my edges. Tried to use a headband but it fell off (hair so smooth and silky lol).

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So a few changes...

I think I may stretch a bit longer. I think my hair needs and deserves the break.

Aaaaaaaand, guess what? I purchased the Wen Cleansing Conditioner! I am excited for it to get here. I was contemplating what to do with my hair this weekend: 1) the heavy 2 step protein for 40 mins then DC for 60 mins then 15 min porosity, or 2) the light 2 min protein then DC for 30 mins the 5 min porosity. Decisions decisions.

m&s last night and this morning with Wave Nouv and hot 6 oil. Wrapped hair overnight. Gym tonight so the end of this loveliness.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Got that cut...

& feeling oh, so much better!!!

My hair is barely shoulder length now *shock* but I LOVE IT...the feel of my hair being SEMI-normal is great. My hairdresser asked what the hell I did to my hair and to never ever do it again. Don't have to tell me twice. I really did a number on myself.

I have regressed length and healthwise but at least since Feb disaster I've been making progress.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pic recap from last week & this week

So I haven't been posting pics but I've been taking them =)

So last Sunday (3/15) I did the protein followed by DC w heat followed by porosity. My hair came out SO crappy. Doing the 2 step protein is NO joke. I decided I won't do it again until 3/29 and not weekly like my post recommended.

So Sat morning (3/21) since I wasn't going to do the 2-step thing I did the 2 minute reconstructor, then DC with heat for about 25 minutes then used the porosity conditioner for about 5 mins. GOLDEN. Finally, some change in texture. OMG. My hair dried soft. Quite a bit still came out (still a bit tangled) but at least my texture is back. By the way, I have been exclusively using my alter ego garlic conditioner with no honey and no oil to DC.

I get a trim and DC tomorrow....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So last night I co-washed with HE LTR cond (which is a keeper I might add!) and then DC'd with my Alter Ego garlic cond. (no honey, no oil) for 25 mins with no heat. Although quite a bit came out I must admit my hair feels softer...not so straw-like. Thank goodness.

I am going to get my hair washed and trimmed (again) at the hairdresser Monday. I have somewhere fun to go on Tuesday =) May get the roots blown out since I'm 5 weeks tomorrow...be on my way to 6 by then.

Can I just say for the umpteenth time that I am so sorry I ever touched or read about henna? I am soo angry at myself for getting carried away.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Turning over a new leaf

Hey all, I have DEFINITELY not given up or forgotten about blogging or God forbid my hair & HHJ! Never!

It has just been harder and harder to blog about crappy hair that is not improving. If it were improving I'd be excited about blogging but I guess you gotta take the good with the bad.

Anyhow, Sunday I did the 2 step protein for about 40 mins on medium heat. Then DC'd with garlic conditioner for an hour (40 mins heat). Then 15 mins porosity. And NOTHING. Whatever. I'll be DCing twice a week and just chilling for the rest of this stretch (until April 9th). Then I'm getting a relaxer, putting in my colorshines, and hooking myself up with an awesome side bang and shoulder length layers - shorter if that's what my hair needs. I will literally chop it off myself if it keeps tangling like it's been doing with no end in sight. I think the cut will help.

The next big step is a product/regimen change.

As of April 9, 2009.

My shampoo: Wen Cleansing Conditioner
Conditioners (moisturizing and protein): DPR-11, Alter ego garlic, and Aphogee 2 minute

Leave in: Motions leave in conditioner (an oldie that I never had a complaint about...idk why I quit it)

Moisturizers and sealants all the same =) which would be Wave Nouv, Mango Butter, Hot 6, and HBCO


*Washing 2x weekly...Fridays and Tuesdays drying in roller setters/flexi rods under hooded dryer
*DCing every wash
*Moisturizing and sealing twice daily
*Relaxing every 8-10 weeks with Mizani BB and back to using my Colorshines at every relaxer

BY my April relaxer I'll have to update my hairlista page and blog about this but you readers get it HOT OFF THE PRESSES


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Finally I wash!

I washed my hair Fri night (last night) after not washing it since Mon night *surprise*

I just had no time.

I co-washed with HE LTR and then DC with Aussie mixed with Roux Porosity. I tried detangling with the conditioner in my hair. It went ok...my hair was just soooo damn tangled. Tomorrow is the day I spend hours on my hair...I sure hope I'm up for it.

Detangle with conditioner after 4 days of not combing

More hair came out when I combed it into a high bun to airdry. Feel like my hair is shedding left, right & center...good thing I got more garlic conditioner for tomorrow

Dry product

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Care for extremely damaged hair

From Lavendar on Hairlista. The entire blog here ---> click here I don't know if you'll need to sign up for Hairlista to see it. If so, the SIGN UP!!! You won't regret. This will be me this Sunday.

For severely damaged hair only (level 3), follow this treatment once a week for 4 weeks and then every 6 weeks.

Level 2 hair should follow this treatment once every 4 weeks until improvement is noted.

Level 1 hair or maintenance should follow this treatment once every 6 weeks or 1-2 weeks before relaxing, or as needed if you are good at gauging your protein/moisture levels. It is never good to use hard/medium protein too often. Learn your hair!

Levels 2 and 3 must remember to adjust to once every 6 weeks at the recommended time or as improvement is noted.

Begin by shampooing with a sulfate-free shampoo.

1) Aphogee or Emergencee Treatment – Use either according to the directions. Aphogee should be done under the dryer until extremely hard and completely dry, usually around 45-60 minutes.

2) Next, follow with an application of MOISTURIZING DEEP CONDITIONER that does not contain protein. * Leave on DC for at least 30-60 minutes with heat – Rinse

3) Follow up with Porosity Control conditioner: * Leave the PC on for about 15 minutes – Rinse (don’t worry that the directions say to leave on 30 seconds, this is the only exception you should make in following the directions). Rinse thoroughly. You hair should feel greatly improved.

Additional Treatment Tidbits:

*Always rinse hard protein product off in the shower. You do NOT want to manipulate your hair while it is in the hard stage. It could snap off. Do not touch it as you sit under a hooded dryer. Do not bend your head over a sink.

* You must always, always use a moisturizing deep conditioner after medium-to-hard protein treatment or your hair will feel brittle and rough.

*Porosity Control helps to make hair less porous and it restores hair to the proper pH levels.....it is an "acidifier". It will make your hair more sleek, shiny, and conditioned.

*If your hair is not damaged enough to warrant their use...nothing will happen. You just won't notice a dramatic change. BUT, if your hair IS damaged...you will LOVE the results!

Well I couldn't wait...

So I used the roux porosity yesterday. I wanted to be really good so I used it for the time it said on the bottle - 30 seconds (well I did about 1 minute). Sunshyne suggests longer and other methods.

Does anyone know how often I can use it? I want to try it for longer either Wed, Thurs, or Fri night...and I wanna keep using it until I see a diff in my hair.


so the hair was still shedding a bit today...and the snap I had when I use to test break my hair is gone. No snap. Ahhhh. Did I say I hate henna??? I guess I did. Serves me right.

Rauney (my hairlista friend) has encouraged me so for the next 6 or so weeks, I'm just gonna struggle through. I already trimmed it so all I can do now is take care.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Pics & more pics

So here's my crappy hair today (after gym before I wash):

Pulled it down to go wash

So I couldn't wait...used the Roux Porosity shampoo & cond followed by a 15 DC with Aussie, honey, vatika mix. I'm going to do a proper DC Wed or Thurs night.

My detangle:

Wet hair pinned up for air dry. From now on I'm just doing this...no more major manipulation. Just taking good care of my hair. Being majorly DELICATE.

I know I know, it looks like crap. Makes me wanna wash again tonight.


So my hair is still breaking up a storm! I am trying to be fair but I am so strongly ANTI-HENNA now it isn't funny. Anyhow. I have calmed now. It took this long.

I'll post the pics when I get home (@ work now).

I have researched porosity conditioners trying to figure out if it could possibly help my hair situation.

Associated Content has an article that helps you decide if your hair is overly porous...click here

Causes of porous hair:

mechanical and heat abuse from combs, brushes, and heat styling tools,

the sun, over processing from chemical relaxers and permanent colors,

and the continued use of sodium lauryl or ammonium lauryl sulfate-rich shampoos.

Testing porosity

Test 1: Wet your hair. Before you start to shampoo your hair, notice how long it takes for your hair to actually feel soaked and fully saturated with water. Hair that "wets" easily is typically porous. If your hair takes quite some time to actually get fully wet, your hair is less porous. (Or your hair could be coated with heavy oils and other products!) As your hair dries (air dry), note how quickly the drying takes place. Porous hair dries very quickly, and in some cases, the ends of the hair may be dry before your body is fully dried! Hair that takes longer to dry is typically less porous.

On fully dried hair, note whether your hair feels rough and tangles easily. Hair that "catches" on itself, does not move well, and tangles easily is usually porous, or is in need of a trim.

This happened to me and I trimmed on Fri night because I thought my hair was too tangly and I just blogged that my hair dried SUPER quick last time I washed...

Test 2: Gently hold strands of your dry hair between your index finger and thumb, and then slowly slide your fingers along the length of the strand. You should be moving from the scalp to the ends. If you feel an overall uneven texture as you move along down the shaft, your hair is slightly porous.

Test 3: Take a few strands of "harvested" hair (shed hair from your comb, hair brush, etc.) and place them in a bowl of water. If the hair sinks in less than a minute or two, it is porous. The sooner your hair sinks, the more porous it is. If only one part of the strand sinks, you have a spotty porosity problem. This is not uncommon.

OMG. My hair just SANK (parts stayed up)

Once you have performed one or more of the porosity tests and believe that your hair is indeed porous, read Part 2 of this Porosity Series to learn ways that you can treat your own porosity issues.

So I thought maybe using something for porous hair may be useful...so the moisturizer can really get to work on my hair strands. Then I can baby my hair back to health.

Here are this authors suggestions...click here

I actually own #2 (clear/colored rinses that condition like Sebastian colorshines...I have exactly that one!)

and I'm thinking of getting #3 ( a conditioner that is acidic...gonna purchase a porosity conditioner from Sally Beauty Supply this eve)

I, Shari, promise NEVER to use Henna or anything my hair absolutely does not need AGAIN!!! This product junkie stage is OVERRR!!!!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Product Review: Elasta QP Silk

So I went into the bss (beauty supply store) this evening to replace my clip (wanna use it tomorrow) and saw this and decided lemme give it a chance since I didn't really give h-two a chance. It made my hair feel hard and weird just like h-two...I'm about done trying with these sprays. Next thing I'm trying is a glycerin mix. I also noticed that my hair was dry by the time I got to the back....how odd is that? Idk what that means. Anyhoo...ends were looking kinda straggly so I trimmed them off...I lost length but it was needed. I think. Too late now anyway...already rollerset. Results tomorrow.

This is the total of everything tonight...I am soo uncertain of how to detangle. I did detangle with the big comb then the small comb so that could be part of it...anyhow, I think I'm doing something wrong. HELP SOMEONE!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Think my hair is telling me something

This morning when I moisturized and sealed, I got some short pieces in my hand...maybe 6 or 7, not much. I don't know if they were all broken because at least one had the bulb on the end...

In any case, I think it would be smart to do a quick dust on Fri when I'm roller setting. I find this easier because after I comb the hair and prepare to put it on the roller, I just clip a bit off the end.

I totally forgot to baggy last night. I will tonight.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Washing wasn't a trial this time

Nothing much came out *sigh of relief*

I DCed on dry hair with aussie moist, honey, and hot 6 oil. Went to the gym, worked up a sweat, then rinsed it out, co-washed with HE LTR cond. Detangled after applying HE LTR leave-in, wave nouv. and HBCO. Air dryed in a loose plait.

detangled - much more like what I am used to seeing

My bun today (that would be the remnants of my lunch on the desk hehe)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wish list

Ok, I will be purchasing both these items in the spring (they don't belong to my "in the future" wish list but my "right now" list). I have linked to the prods...just click on the names.

1. Bigger flex rods. These are 1 1/8 inches. Right now I have some tiny sizes and I cannot use them anymore. It takes nearly (if not more than) 1 hour for me to put in the little ones I have (I must admit they don't take very long to dry).

2. Cellophanes. In Gold red. I have used Sebastian cellophanes to rinse/condition my hair before and I loved it. Since I have given up on henna (I am scurrred!) I have decided to go back to cellophanes.

I would like to use the cellophanes for my April relaxer and the flexi rod sometime before that.

I should mention my hair has been under my tam all day. It is FREEZING in my office and since I had no meetings today or anything for that matter, I felt it was ok to leave my hair under the tam. Tonight I'm gonna apply DC to my dry hair, head to gym, then co wash and air dry after. Moisture is the name of the game.


For Jade - this is with the orange sized (back in 2004)