Monday, April 26, 2010

Air dry...again

I'm air drying a lot for someone whose hair doesn't really like air drying. It's laziness and exams. So I detangled last night when I washed out the DC then let hair air dry with scarf for a couple hours then had to head to bed. Was a little damp this morning but I just bunned and covered with my scarf and hat till I got in to work.

Hair is completely wet here
What's in my air dry? HE LTR leave in and Jane Carter's Solution (JCS) revitalizing leave-in spray. Before I went to bed (it had been air drying for about 2 hours), I add a little more HE LTR and then sealed with grape seed oil. This morning I did my usual bun routine and head off to work. I am 5 weeks and 2 days post relaxer.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sometimes life happens

Didn't get to do my hair care regimen Fri eve/Sat because my godson was in the hospital and staying with him was waaaay more important. So I just rocked my bun Saturday at church. Quite a few ladies wanted to steal my flower lol. There's more where that came from though - just check Target :)
I'm heading to a study group at school so I'm gonna co-wash, 2 minute protein then put in my DC and leave it in for the day.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Do new prods make you feel all happy inside too?

LOL. I went to Vitamin Shoppe to get some new prods - the Jane Carter's Solution leave in, a sealant oil (not for my DCs), and aloe vera juice to replace Motions Nourish leave in spray for my ponytails and buns. I love buying hair prods. Good thing I don't have a lot of disposable income, I'd have a mini BSS in my bedroom.

I totally feel the difference already using my aloe vera juice mix instead of the Motions. My hair is much smoother. This is the mix - little less than half the bottle with water, half with aloe juice then topped off with some grape seed oil. I sprayed it last night before moisturizing and sealing. Then I tied my hair down for the night. In the morn, I moisturize and seal then bun.

Now, the Jane Carter's. I use it to roller set in addition to my HE LTR leave in. This is something I could never do with the Motions because it would make my hair a little hard so I'd spray it after I was done roller setting.

I also restocked on WN. I still need some other items (mango butter, cheapy condish, oil - proclaim 7 or hot6) but the places were closed (before 8:30 too, so early I think).

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm back

Last Friday I went to get a blow out. I co-washed and DC'ed then went to get it rinsed out and rollerset at the hair salon. Got lots of compliments on my hair but we were running late and by the time I could take a pic, I had taken a couple of myself and the camera went kaput. So no hair pic till the next day after I was dancing all night and slept on the hair (no wrap). But I got a number of compliments on my hair (and some jealous comments about my hair looking thin haha. My hair is always this thin...I have fine hair. Just lots of it).
Here's Tuesday's bun.
I'm heading to the Vitamin Shoppe today to get some products for my hair:

1. Aloe Vera Juice (no more Motions Spray to slick back hair for my buns and ponytails)
2. Jane Carter's Solution spray leave in
3. Sealant oil
4. Hair moisturizer (yes people, I'm gonna try something new but I'll still get my wave nouv.)

I also need more:

1. Wave nouv.
2. Proclaim 7 oil
3. Mango butter (unless I see something better at Vitamin Shoppe)

-I'm 5 weeks tomorrow-

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Confession: I cannot braid

I taught myself a little but I really don't do a good job (see here). So my braid outs have always been plait outs or twist outs, sad to say.

Look what I found though...TUTORIAL

A really helpful tutorial too! Maybe, just maybe I can learn properly. I will make the effort and post the results. Not this weekend though, this weekend I'm back in curls.

Monday, April 12, 2010

My air dry weekend with buns galore

So I DCed on dry hair all day Friday - Lustrasilk, JBCO, proclaim, honey. Then I did a 2 minute reconstructor. To air dry I put in my HE LTR leave in and used the Jane Carters solution, tied my scarf at front (thanks Sunshyne for your scarf method), and air dried.

This is after 2 hours
Then I put it in a braid/plait over night
Sat hair - I moisturized and sealed like crazy. My hair always feels dry after I air dry out
Sun hair
Mon hair
I had some shedding but I always feel my hair sheds more when I do my air dry routine. Would you agree? I like to give my hair a break from the heat but I don't know if air drying with my hair out of in a bun is the best. I could air dry in rollers but it is SO uncomfortable because I usually have to sleep in them. ugh

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My hair is getting a surprising treat this weekend

I have been washing and styling every Sat without fail for months now and this weekend my hair is getting a break :)

What will I be doing?

DC on dry hair all day tomorrow.


2 minute protein reconstructor.

Scarf method...


No rollers. No hooded dryer. Just some love.

Not that my weekly styling is that bad. I DC every week and roller set then dry under hooded dryer but my hair deserves a little break from even that. If you can, treat your hair to something special, something it really loves this weekend :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hair photos

Saturday night
Sorry, this is a strictly hair journal post. Just a snap shot of my hair. 4 weeks post. Been awhile since I posted my boring buns...I rock them Sun to Fri

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Amping up regimen temporarily

I took special effort with my Easter curls but then my praise dancing messed it all up. The pics are all I have to offer. I was rushing this morning so I didn't have the time to take pics prior. They looked much better lol.

I restocked on shampoo. Was in Target and saw Aussie Moist. Since I love the conditioner I decided to try the shampoo. Not so bad. I pre-pooed overnight w my proclaim and JBCO. Then I shampooed, did protein reconstructor, DCed for 10 mins w heat under dryer, roller set on orange curlers and dried. Oh! I tried the leave in sample I got. I will do a full review next weekend after my second try but I think this is about to be my new leave in spray. I'm so sorry Motions but this is paraben free, organic, and has minimal amount of chemicals. Plus, I can't use my Motions to set (makes my hair hard so I just spray it over the hair after it's set). on it's way.

Now unto the real stuff. My hair's been in a funk. What do I mean? A little breakage, and shedding. Plus I think once a week washing isn't working for me. I really wanted it to but I think my hair needs a midweek co-wash. I also need to replenish my mango butter stock. My hair appreciates a protein kick in the week. I won't update the regimen yet. This is a trial.

Oh, I'm 4 weeks.