Thursday, May 28, 2009

This morning's MESS

I was desperate to have my hair washed for my weekend away but I was soooo tired last night I decided I'd get up early this morning and do it. Big mistake. I'll try to fix it but basically it didn't dry properly.

Trying a thing on my own

So this is my 5 weeks post style (last Saturday)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Playing catch up

So I haven't posted in awhile because I've been traveling.

Had my hair blown out last Thursday (surprise surprise! my hairdresser was at the salon 3 days before her due date)...I ran out of my garlic conditioner (!) aaaand my wave nouv so I've been making do with Mango Butter and DC with my Wen. Last Thurs my hairdresser used Dr. Bronner's for shampoo and Wen to DC.

Last night I did one my original washes from back at the beginning of my hair journey. That is, I washed, tied down with a scarf and went to bed. I have not done that in a looooooong time. I poo'd with Dr. Bronners, did a 2 min reconstructor, and a 3 min condition with Neutrogena Triple Moisture (NTM) daily conditioner - I bought as a stand in for my garlic cond which I couldn't find last night (bss -beauty supply store- near home was out of it). I'll have to get some at the bss near my job. Used NTM leave in to air dry.

Yucky gym hair that hasn't been washed since Thursday (!!!)

Still damp this morning so I had to cover it on my way in

-sorry about the huge pics but I loaded them at the wrong size and I'm just too lazy to change it

Monday, May 4, 2009

Wen wash

So I had to do a quickie Sat morning before I went out so I used only the Wen Cleansing Cond. I did a co wash with it then put some in my hair, pinned it up, showered, then washed it right out. Busy busy. No DC and no protein. Was just too too tired. Put HE LTR leave in...roller set, went under dryer for about 40 mins then wrapped while I got dressed.

I did try to blow my roots in the front but I don't think that worked. I gave up after doing like 2 is sooo hard and tiring. For some reason, I have curly roots and I just relaxed my hair so either my hair is supergrow (which I doubt) or it didn't get relaxed properly (more probable)...I don't know how I'll handle this stretch.