Friday, February 6, 2009

Switching relaxers...

I used Just 4 Me kiddie's relaxer for normal hair for almost 7 years and after all the recent breakage and dryness I experienced, plus with the beginning of my healthy hair journey (hhj), I decided to make a switch. After reading loads and loads, I am fairly sure I'll be using a lye relaxer. This requires that I get my relaxer professionally done though...I do not want to burn.

My next relaxer is less than a week away and I'm still not certain what particular relaxer to use. I am currently torn between Mizani BB for normal hair and Linange Shea Butter. Everyone who has used Linange loves it but Mizani is a very popular brand. I should mention I use the Alter Ego garlic cond & I love it...thats the same company that makes Linange.

I am also wondering if I should clarify or shampoo before I relax. I'm thinking not. The more things between my hair and the relaxer, the better.

Anyhoo, let's do a lil learnin' to grow:

Linange Shea Butter Reviews it is long but a good read
Mizani Butter Blends Reviews there are lots more but I thought I'd stick with this forum since you won't need a sign in

Lye vs. No Lye

Best article (associated content) <--click there
Another pretty good one <--click there

This one is confusing. It says lye relaxers are harsher on our hair but that is not fact it is harsher on our scalps but better for our hair (well, this is the version of the story I'm buying) and no lye is not good for our hair - drying and tangling - but will usually take longer to burn the scalp (hence, I am heading to the salon to use my lye relaxer). You can add oil to your lye relaxer to make it less abrasive for your scalp but keep in mind this will affect the potency.

Here's the confusing one <--click there

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  1. After years of using Revlon, Optimum, French Perm, various lye and no-lye relaxers, my hair had become very dry and one genius hairdresser compounded the problem using permanent hair dye instead of color rinse on my relaxed hair.
    I was FUMING to say the least. Just because a client asks their hair color to be lifted, YOU are the professional, you are the EXPERT. You must do what's in the client's best interest.
    You say NO, I'm not doing that. You do not relax and use permanent hair color.
    Rinse or semi-permanent only. I use Jazzing Rinse. I understand Clairol Beautiful Collection Semi-Permanent hair color is also
    I don't use anything with ammonia or peroxide. Very damaging alone, and worse with relaxers.
    My long hair fell out, had major damage & breakage. I have 2 other good hairdressers, but I didn't let anyone else touch my hair until at least a year ago. I was depressed. My husband told me I needed a weave. He was calling me "baldilocks". I told him that's alright, I'm still cute. (LOL)
    I had different lengths short on one side, longer on the other. It would just come out when I washed it. If I pulled on it, it would just come out. Very damaged.
    One hair dresser tried to fix the problem, she cut my hair every time I went so it would eventually even up. I was not happy, neither was my husband. He said every time it starts growing, you cut it off. I said no, I told my hair dresser not to and she said it had to be cut which I knew was true, because the damage on the ends was so bad, instead of looking like it was growing, it look like I was losing more & more hair. I told the hairdresser next time I went, my husband said NO MORE CUTTING!! She said he doesn't understand that eventually it will be longer and it's healthier for the hair. I insisted.
    When it grew long enough, she told me about a
    no-chemical relaxer. I was afraid, but I tried it. I loved it!
    It was actually Linange Texturizer. It softened the roots enough to blow straight but doesn't change the curl pattern of your hair, even straighter with a flat iron. When I washed my hair it would get pouffy again, but I blew & flat ironed it out. Alot of work. No damage,
    no breaking. She also used Alter Ego Italy Garlic Hot Oil Treatment.

  2. Cont'd
    After a few time using the Linange Texturizer, I asked her to go ahead and try the Linange Shea Butter Relaxer. She didn't want to but I insisted because I wanted a little straighter texture and not have to worry about it pouffing up in the Georgia heat.
    She went ahead and applied it, didn't burn. didn't stick, didn't smell.
    I was amazed. I also saw a conditioning system on QVC called Ojon Damage Reverse. I was leery because all of these companies promise results while using hair models without any of these issues. I went to Sephora to purchase. The salesperson told me how good it was, I saw a lot of happy people blogging about it. She said if I didnt like it, I could bring it back, even it was mostly used. I had nothing to lose.
    This line is A-MA-ZING!!! I told my girlfriend back in NY about it. She was using WEN I told her this was much better. I said if you don't like it, I'll give you your money back. Needless to say, she loved it and passed it on.

  3. cont'd
    Now fast fwd 2yrs later, after trial & error & God's help I prayed for answers
    (he whispered wisdom in my spirit about what to do to get my hair back)I am very happy & pleased with my products and results.
    This last time, I tried to relax my own hair with Linange Shea Butter Relaxer.
    I self-relaxed my hair, rinsed it out, I haven't tried the Neutralizing Conditioner yet. I used Motions Neutralizing Shampoo, Conditioned with Alter Ego Garlic Hot Oil Treatment and Ojon Damage Reverse Conditioner, rinsed, blow-dried, and flat ironed my hair. Wrapped it, and it was beautiful the whole week. I did a great job if I must say so myself.
    I didn't have to use any styling products, oil, spray, nothing, that's how shiny it was. I got compliments at work, they didn't believe I didn't use any styling products, but I didn't have to.
    I hope I have helped someone.


  4. Thank you, you have! I am going to try the Linange texturizer myself tomorrow.