Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I made a choice...Mizani BB

So I went to the bss yesterday to purchase the relaxer but I still had no clue which I would purchase. Before I went to my regular place in washington heights by my job, I decided to try this new place out. Can you say overpriced? Why was their Affirm relaxer (a tiny the small ice cream cup) for $7.99?? It came with nothing, no neutralizer, no base, nothing plus I think I would need 2 of those containers for my hair. Jeez! Then I checked out the alter ego garlic cond. (because I know the price at the bss near my home, and my regular bss in washington heights by my job) and it was $ the bss by my home it's $23 and at my regular spot it's $16.99. I also took note of their price for the large botter of the HE LTR conditioner I've been meaning to try $7.99. I left that bss. Every dollar overpriced adds up & we're in a recession.

Got to my regular spot. First, no Affirm or Lenange so I just decided on the Mizani Butter Blends (BB). That was easy. I got the big container for $19.99 which is a dollar more than Amazon (if you consider the convenience and lack of shipping costs, it works out quite fine), their HE LTR conditioner in the large size was $6.49 so I got that, I also got more HE LTR leave- in and Elasta QP mango butter. None of the bss' I tried yesterday had the Elasta QP leave-in spray (sadness) so I'll have to check the priciest one by my house. I don't get Hot6 Oil or Aussie Moist from any bss because my Big Deals (my 5 dollar and less store) has both for $3. I also need coconut oil. My regular spot didn't have the perPhecting cond, or the neutralizing & chelating shampoo that comes with the mizani bb relaxer sytem but the owner was nice enough to call their supplier and order them for me...I'll go pick that up this evening after work. That's all I'm getting from the system, I'll just use my regular DC afterwards and the hairdresser's leave in.

Oh, btw, I spoke to the hairdresser and I have an appointment at 5 pm tomorrow. It's just a 2 block walk from here.

On another note, my neighbor (she's Indian from Guyana) gave me henna this morning. She wanted to buy the oil/liquid and accidentally bought the powder. It's another brand so maybe I'll try that one next time even though I still have a packet of the other one...that's it I think. Latas!!

I feel bad I have no pic. Should I take one of my boring bun and post it? I just dug up my camera so let me do that and post it lol

you have to understand, when I read blogs, I love to see pics so I always try to include a pic in my posts where possible. No worries though, on the weekend, you'll see the best pic of all - my hair out and straight for the first time in 9 weeks *big grin*

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