Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I have decided to make ammends...

I really had little choice.

I have been thinking the past 9 weeks or so where I was going to go to relax my hair. I have this Jamaican lady who I LOVE but she's in New Rochelle (quite a distance) plus she's always full so I don't leave until near midnight and she's pricey. Then there's a Dominican place I used to go to in the Bronx and they do my hair ok but I'm never stunned. Finally, there's this place literally 2 blocks from my job (I work in Washington Heights...US Dominicana) and when she does my hair, it is always stunning EXCEPT she was the one who relaxed my entire head of hair in Feb 2008. She is the reason I stopped going to the hairdresser for a year. She only did it once in the 5 or 6 times she relaxed my hair but I was sooo annoyed I stopped going there. I know I could have gone back and just explain to her I need only my new growth done (that my hair is different from the typical Dominican's) but I was beyond words at that time and very annoyed at my shedding & breaking hair.

Well, today I called her. Why? I just bought some dresses online (really great price) but that depleted my bank account (until next pay day anyway) and so I can't go to my Jamaican lady and I don't wanna risk the Bronx place. I really want my hair to look nice this weekend. I'm bringing my relaxer, neutralizer, and DC. I guess it was a little too early so I left a message.

Today makes it an official 9 weeks.

Despite how this pic looks, my neck is a normal size lol

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