Monday, August 23, 2010

I was vacating but I'm back :)

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This is an old pic from last week.
Wasn't really a vacation, more like a staycation but I still enjoyed myself. Lots of rest, spending time with friends, it was good. Now I'm back on the daily grind. Nothing new on the hair front...been m&s every day. I am very glad I got a trim because my hair is feeling much better. I do need to amp up the TLC as I've only been doing routine things. What I really want to try is henna so we'll see when the time is right.

A week post relaxer I shampooed with the neutralizing and chelating poo (I am neurotic and have to make sure my hair gets a second chance to rid itself of relaxer residue), did an ACV rinse...then I deep conditioned w/heat with my sedal ceramides. My curls were gorgeous! Then it rained! Ruined them. Luckily I grabbed a before pic.
Then this past weekend I cowashed with my fav cowash, Mane n' Tail, did my 2 minute reconstructor, and DC'd w no heat for the day with cheapie Lustrasilk organics. I sealed in the DC with coconut oil. Rinsed, set, & wrap.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Relaxer update

So I got my trim and I think my hairdresser gets me. I'm back to APL but thank goodness that's all. I was starting to imagine the worst. Here are days 1, 2 & 3 of my relaxer. I put stamps on these pics. I really don't care too much if anyone steals them (I've never had stamps but maybe I should....). Day 1 I had no time to length check so you'll see from day 2 I'm APL (a tiny bit past). Hopefully next time I'll have a thicker BSB (if I ever really was there).

The Keratina Fix seemed to work good. I'll be doing a protein conditioner following my relaxers from now on. This stretch I will be very good to my hair. DC once a week. I skipped 2 or 3 last time. ::sigh:: No excuse for that.

Next relaxer? Approx Oct 14th @ 10 weeks.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

I need confirmation this is okay...

I'm relaxing at 10 weeks on Thurs. My hairdresser wants to use keratina fix and I think it's ok. I think. It's a Dominican product and I can't find much info. Anyone ever heard of it?


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Catching up...

I haven't done a hair update in a minute. Not because nothing has happened but because I have no photos (& you all should know how I am about photos). Anyway, I had about 1 - 1.5 inches cut off last Friday at 8 weeks. My hairdresser thought it was necessary and I honestly felt it was about time. It had been Dec since she last gave me a trim (when I got my bang). I trim and dust in between but I guess that doesn't count lol.

I haven't been able to tell how much is gone because the rain fell and my style got killed that very weekend. Then week 9. I co-washed, did a 2 min reconstructor, roller set and air dried overnight. I'm going to relax on Thursday at 10 weeks. It looks shorter in this pic for sure. I have a funny feeling I'm back to APL or worse...


Here is my husbands locs (to-be). Some of them feel like they're locking. Patience is's only been a month (yet I still managed to give him a style). He's had them tightened/palm rolled/twisted once a week (by moi) and he's washed them once with shampoo (Aussie Moist), then an ACV rinse. No conditioner. That isn't recommended wherever I read but since I want him to have one, I'll be looking up some products/recipes.