Monday, August 31, 2009

My first castor oil challenge wash...

I wasn't so diligent about the pics this weekend... no wet hair nor dry hair starting points. Tues it is for the wet...not sure abt the dry.

Anyhoo, I got up Sat morning, cowashed with V05, then DC with my Lustrasilk mix. I added castor oil and honey to my Lustrasilk. Went to the gym at for an hour with the DC in then came home, rinsed it out and headed to church with my hair slightly curly from the rollers. I'm gonna have to stop using those big purple ones and get orange ones so my curls can last longer. I put the castor oil on my scalp like I am supposed to. Anyhow, I ended up being out all day and not taking the pic till the evening so everything was flat and dead. Hair was soft though & still is feeling great. It's been shedding too much for my comfort so I need to get on the garlic conditioner since it's been about 3 weeks without it plus I haven't done my weekly light protein in awhile.

detangle/roller set
Sat night LATEI didn't want to wrap it Sat night, just pin it up so it could bun on Sun but I was trying to get one other day with my hair out so I wrapped but that wasn't to be. Sunday my hair got sweaty from baking and cooking so it went in a pony tail. The end. haha.

Today's hair.
I'll be doing my regular Tues wash so I'll take starting pics tomorrow instead.

NOTE, who would think this is 3 week hair. I'm scared of week 9.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hairlista's Castor Oil Challenge

I accept!
Castor Oil Challenge PART 3



- Apply Castor oil to your scalp at least twice a week, preferably on wash days when your hair & scalp is clean
- Do not rinse out until the next wash day giving the oil more time to penetrate the scalp.
- No other growth aids can be used at the same time
- Those who are sensitive to using Castor Oil straight, you can mix your Castor Oil with another Carrier Oil i.e. EVOO, EVCO, Safflower Oil, Jojoba Oil etc. for less irritation.

-Apply Castor oil to your scalp 2x/week
- Apply the Castor oil to your scalp 3x/week
- Apply Castor oil to your clean scalp 3x/week & add Castor oil to you Deep conditioners/Prepoo's.

Now, I plan to cheat.

I am starting at my next wash. No patience. I'll kick off with a wet and air dried pic.
& I won't stop until my Dec relaxer which is either the 18th or 25th of Dec.

I'll be attempting a modified Ultimate Level. What I'll do is apply pure castor oil (JBCO) to clean scalp 2x/week instead of 3, add pure castor oil to my DCs and prepoos, AND there are a couple other places JBCO will exist in my regimen:

1. it's in my sealant mix: hot 6 oil, Organics carrot oil, and JBCO
2. I plan to do at least one hot oil tx each stretch with my sealant mix

GOALS: thicker, healthier looking hair

Vacation hair

Now I had some cute dos during my vacay but I think they came at a price to my precious hair hehe.

First, at the wedding I attended, the resort spa staff did my hair...curls = curling iron, and lasting style = holding spray with alcohol among other evils I'm sure.
Second, got a braid out from a friend and went to a salon in Kingston to get it washed out. He did NOT know how to be gentle. A lot came out. The pluses of his place? He used only Redken products and a really nice leave in.

Third, my last wash and set I made sure to do a pre-poo with my hot 6, carrot oil, and castor oil mix since I know these people love shampooing and this lady's products seemed cheap. She shampooed only once BUT her hand was strong. The wash hurt, the detangle hurt, the roller set hurt, & the wrap hurt.

Didn't take any hair pics after this trip to the salon I was so annoyed at the treatment my hair got but here's the best I could do...
Last time I was on vacay, I just blowdried and did no salons. I think that works best. I'll stick with that or airdrying and flat ironing next time. At least I can compensate with products and special care.

Now, off to HAIRLISTA...I'm gonna check in on the castor oil challenge part 3! I finally have castor oil =)

Friday, August 21, 2009

I've been on vacation....

from 8/13 till 8/24

having lots of fun in the sun but boy the hairdressers here are rough on the hair!!! My baby needs some TLC and I'm on it as soon as I return. back next week!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Relaxer results - Not quite there yet

Sorry this took so long. A lot going on at the moment.

Relaxed on Friday after 8 weeks. Next stretch - 12 weeks.
Sorry the following is so spread out...wasn't having much luck getting the pic (and was in a rush). Almost APL again. I think def in the fall. When I get back from vacation, I'll be moving so I may not be on all the time but I promise I'll keep posting and I'll be doing my DC, castor oil and everything in order to make APL at my next relaxer.

I saw some split ends so I dusted on Sat. I am convinced it is from that horrid air dry experience.
Sunday, I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned till my hair was ruined. I sweat in my head. So it was up and back in protective styling already. No matter. I'm getting it washed soon for my trip.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hair today...

I think I should do a baggy tonight...

JBCO observations: I realize that for me and my hair castor oil has to be mixed with my DC or another oil for is just tooooo thick and sticky. Hair is very soft.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend curls

This was from Fri...was at a friend's bridal shower

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

So I clarified, did 2 step protein, then DC with my Lustrasilk & castor oil today. Hair felt good. I can't really compare it to anything since today I decided to airdry out (no braids, no bun), just the scarf on top for the first time since my BC. I don't even fully remember how that felt. My hair was more tangled than usual...not sure why. I used HE LTR and castor oil on the ends, and some motions spray on the edges then tied it down. When it dried, it looked a bit dry so I added my wave nouv anb carrot oil and that seemed to work.
Basically, I need to try the JBCO as a pre-poo, hot oil, and DC regularly before I can give an opinion so you will have to wait for a take 2.

My hair though it looks dry feels really soft. I just dont have the shine....


I am excited!

I have JBCO! Jamaican Black Castor took me weeeeeeks and about 6 bss visits and 2 other calls but I went into the Bronx, paid $15 and I am in business =) Heading to DC (7weeks post) in about an hour.

Review on the way.

*S dances out of the post*