Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Finally, I washed.

Gee, an entire week! My hair was like "this chick is crazy!"

I finally washed last night. I don't know what or why I waited so long - weellllll, I kinda loved the feel of my blown out hair. So really quickly, I used my new cleansing conditioner. It was fine. I don't really know if I used it properly but whatever....my hair is 7 weeks post on Thursday so I do my best. I did the 2 min reconstructor, then about 25 mins of DC with heat (garlic cond), then a min or 2 of the porosity cond. Then rollerset and sat under dryer for about 35 mins. Half dried then I wrapped. Not planning to wrap again, just had to get rid of the setter lines and the curls. So I had some shedding in the shower, and also when I wrapped some came out. The big difference is my hair felt soft the entire time so I'm grateful. I think I'll have to do the entire "extremely damaged hair" thing again. Maybe next week Tues night after the gym.

My hair was soooo pretty when I took the rollers out but then this morning...blah. That's what I get for not completely drying my hair but whatevs. It just needs to last until Friday. No complaints about the Wen yet, we'll see what happens on Friday.

This morning

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