Monday, March 9, 2009


So my hair is still breaking up a storm! I am trying to be fair but I am so strongly ANTI-HENNA now it isn't funny. Anyhow. I have calmed now. It took this long.

I'll post the pics when I get home (@ work now).

I have researched porosity conditioners trying to figure out if it could possibly help my hair situation.

Associated Content has an article that helps you decide if your hair is overly here

Causes of porous hair:

mechanical and heat abuse from combs, brushes, and heat styling tools,

the sun, over processing from chemical relaxers and permanent colors,

and the continued use of sodium lauryl or ammonium lauryl sulfate-rich shampoos.

Testing porosity

Test 1: Wet your hair. Before you start to shampoo your hair, notice how long it takes for your hair to actually feel soaked and fully saturated with water. Hair that "wets" easily is typically porous. If your hair takes quite some time to actually get fully wet, your hair is less porous. (Or your hair could be coated with heavy oils and other products!) As your hair dries (air dry), note how quickly the drying takes place. Porous hair dries very quickly, and in some cases, the ends of the hair may be dry before your body is fully dried! Hair that takes longer to dry is typically less porous.

On fully dried hair, note whether your hair feels rough and tangles easily. Hair that "catches" on itself, does not move well, and tangles easily is usually porous, or is in need of a trim.

This happened to me and I trimmed on Fri night because I thought my hair was too tangly and I just blogged that my hair dried SUPER quick last time I washed...

Test 2: Gently hold strands of your dry hair between your index finger and thumb, and then slowly slide your fingers along the length of the strand. You should be moving from the scalp to the ends. If you feel an overall uneven texture as you move along down the shaft, your hair is slightly porous.

Test 3: Take a few strands of "harvested" hair (shed hair from your comb, hair brush, etc.) and place them in a bowl of water. If the hair sinks in less than a minute or two, it is porous. The sooner your hair sinks, the more porous it is. If only one part of the strand sinks, you have a spotty porosity problem. This is not uncommon.

OMG. My hair just SANK (parts stayed up)

Once you have performed one or more of the porosity tests and believe that your hair is indeed porous, read Part 2 of this Porosity Series to learn ways that you can treat your own porosity issues.

So I thought maybe using something for porous hair may be the moisturizer can really get to work on my hair strands. Then I can baby my hair back to health.

Here are this authors here

I actually own #2 (clear/colored rinses that condition like Sebastian colorshines...I have exactly that one!)

and I'm thinking of getting #3 ( a conditioner that is acidic...gonna purchase a porosity conditioner from Sally Beauty Supply this eve)

I, Shari, promise NEVER to use Henna or anything my hair absolutely does not need AGAIN!!! This product junkie stage is OVERRR!!!!!!!

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