Friday, March 6, 2009

Product Review: Elasta QP Silk

So I went into the bss (beauty supply store) this evening to replace my clip (wanna use it tomorrow) and saw this and decided lemme give it a chance since I didn't really give h-two a chance. It made my hair feel hard and weird just like h-two...I'm about done trying with these sprays. Next thing I'm trying is a glycerin mix. I also noticed that my hair was dry by the time I got to the odd is that? Idk what that means. Anyhoo...ends were looking kinda straggly so I trimmed them off...I lost length but it was needed. I think. Too late now anyway...already rollerset. Results tomorrow.

This is the total of everything tonight...I am soo uncertain of how to detangle. I did detangle with the big comb then the small comb so that could be part of it...anyhow, I think I'm doing something wrong. HELP SOMEONE!

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