Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pic recap from last week & this week

So I haven't been posting pics but I've been taking them =)

So last Sunday (3/15) I did the protein followed by DC w heat followed by porosity. My hair came out SO crappy. Doing the 2 step protein is NO joke. I decided I won't do it again until 3/29 and not weekly like my post recommended.

So Sat morning (3/21) since I wasn't going to do the 2-step thing I did the 2 minute reconstructor, then DC with heat for about 25 minutes then used the porosity conditioner for about 5 mins. GOLDEN. Finally, some change in texture. OMG. My hair dried soft. Quite a bit still came out (still a bit tangled) but at least my texture is back. By the way, I have been exclusively using my alter ego garlic conditioner with no honey and no oil to DC.

I get a trim and DC tomorrow....

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