Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nuttin nah gwaan

Went Jamaican on you for a sec there. But really, not a thing going on.

I've just been super busy. m&s with wave nouv and hot 6 before bed, put on my satin cap. Wake up, m&s again then bun. Life has just taken over. Tomorrow though I head to hair salon to get a wash and DC (bringing Wen and Alter Ego garlic) then get a blow out on my 7 week old roots.

I think I explained before that I'm not going to relax next week again. I am going to try to go 10 weeks. My hair kinda needs the break after the henna nightmare of 09. I may do the 3 hour thing on Tues evening. I know, I should do it on the weekend but I hate to destroy the cuteness of my blowout on the weekend so I'll suffer on Tuesday, stay up late and do it then.

-catch you with pic after my wash on Friday (& my hairdresser's opinion of Wen)-

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