Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yesterday's results

Here are yesterday's results - we had a program at my church where I danced and was a hair model (I overreacted about what would be required) and it was fun. But the clip broke. My first time wearing it. Will have to replace. I liked it...Goody clearly makes some cheap stuff.

eeek!!! Not a good look but as I said yesterday I am determined to moisturize like a crazy woman!

Looks better here in the banana clip...

I like this last one so much I was almost tempted to change my photo at Hairlista but I don't deserve to since I destroyed my poor hair with henna. Sadness.

I need to go to my big deals today to get a pack of shower caps for DCing and DC cap looks a mess right now. Fri I had to use a plastic bag. My big deals also sells hot 6 and aussie moist and I think I may restock on those as well.

I moisturized with mango butter and wave nouv. then put my scarf back on...I think that's the look I'll rock today.

Have a great Sunday all!!!!

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