Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Turning over a new leaf

Hey all, I have DEFINITELY not given up or forgotten about blogging or God forbid my hair & HHJ! Never!

It has just been harder and harder to blog about crappy hair that is not improving. If it were improving I'd be excited about blogging but I guess you gotta take the good with the bad.

Anyhow, Sunday I did the 2 step protein for about 40 mins on medium heat. Then DC'd with garlic conditioner for an hour (40 mins heat). Then 15 mins porosity. And NOTHING. Whatever. I'll be DCing twice a week and just chilling for the rest of this stretch (until April 9th). Then I'm getting a relaxer, putting in my colorshines, and hooking myself up with an awesome side bang and shoulder length layers - shorter if that's what my hair needs. I will literally chop it off myself if it keeps tangling like it's been doing with no end in sight. I think the cut will help.

The next big step is a product/regimen change.

As of April 9, 2009.

My shampoo: Wen Cleansing Conditioner
Conditioners (moisturizing and protein): DPR-11, Alter ego garlic, and Aphogee 2 minute

Leave in: Motions leave in conditioner (an oldie that I never had a complaint about...idk why I quit it)

Moisturizers and sealants all the same =) which would be Wave Nouv, Mango Butter, Hot 6, and HBCO


*Washing 2x weekly...Fridays and Tuesdays drying in roller setters/flexi rods under hooded dryer
*DCing every wash
*Moisturizing and sealing twice daily
*Relaxing every 8-10 weeks with Mizani BB and back to using my Colorshines at every relaxer

BY my April relaxer I'll have to update my hairlista page and blog about this but you readers get it HOT OFF THE PRESSES


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