Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Well I couldn't wait...

So I used the roux porosity yesterday. I wanted to be really good so I used it for the time it said on the bottle - 30 seconds (well I did about 1 minute). Sunshyne suggests longer and other methods.

Does anyone know how often I can use it? I want to try it for longer either Wed, Thurs, or Fri night...and I wanna keep using it until I see a diff in my hair.


so the hair was still shedding a bit today...and the snap I had when I use to test break my hair is gone. No snap. Ahhhh. Did I say I hate henna??? I guess I did. Serves me right.

Rauney (my hairlista friend) has encouraged me so for the next 6 or so weeks, I'm just gonna struggle through. I already trimmed it so all I can do now is take care.

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