Thursday, January 15, 2009

Daily check in: a little breakage

So I missed aerobics last night (grrrr!!!!)...anyhow, since I was home I thought why not DC tonight so I don't have to again until Sat night, then I can get back on my Tues/Fri/sometimes Sun schedule. So I DC'd on dry hair (Nexxus humectress and coconut oil) then co-washed with my Aussie moist and did a quick rinse out conditioner with NTM daily conditioner.

Let me just say, I like Nexxus but I need to find a replacement because it's a bit too pricey to be using on such a regular basis.

Anyhoo, had a little shedding but thats ok since I haven't combed since Monday night and 50 to 100 hairs per day is normal. However, I noticed slight breakage - maybe 10 short peices after - when my hair was partially dry. Me no likey! So I have decided that on the weekend, I'll do a mild protein DC (Organic Root Stimulator Mayo with coconut oil). I am saving the big protein (Aphogee 2 step) for the week before my relaxer.

Also, I need to make a to do list because I need to try henna and alma oil...I am trying to fight PJ-ism so trying to make sure any additional products add to my regimen and don't just duplicate. Henna is def for color and shine (I like to rinse and this can be a natural alternative) plus it helps with the strength of the hair. The alma oil also strengthens the hair.

~hair loss~

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