Monday, January 26, 2009

Daily check in: after a twist out

So I did a twist out on Sat. and gave myself 3 huge amateur cornrows Sat night, covered and went to bed. Sun, it was a mess but that didn't matter too much. Now I knew I needed to figure something out with it for Monday and Tuesday (wash day). So I sprayed my aloe juice/rose water mix, moisturized w my mango butter and sealed w hot6oil, finger combed to the right side for a side bun, then tied the front down real tight w my silk scarf, put on the bonnet and called it a night. This morning I m&s with wave nouv. then put mango butter and castor oil and bunned.

It is super hard to not comb but the finger combing works. I just deal with the pouf. If I had a braid out, there would be no hope. I'm glad I'm doing twist outs. Maybe this weekend I'll do a pictorial of my twist outs.

front/side view

back view

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  1. Hair looks very shiny & healthy today and yes, please post a pic of twist outs.