Thursday, January 15, 2009

Got henna for the first time!

So I walk home from the gym tonight since my husband (h) is at soccer training and decided to stop in this Indian grocery to see if they have any of the oil/henna products I want to try.

I didn't find the amla oil but I found dabur vatika coconut oil with amla, lemon, and henna.
I also didn't find the henna brand other ladies use but I found another brand which I googled when I got in today. It is from India and the shop owner says it is very popular with his customers so we will see...of course I will share with you every detail of my process. I plan to mimic Lavendar's method. I want to do this for Sunday - have a family funeral so I kinda would like it to look good.

Note to self:

for henna
*2 diff cheapie condish w/no petroleum, mineral oil, silicones - Aussie moist, V05 moisture milks (1/4 c of each)
*4 tsp of oil of ur choice
*mix Fri night, apply Sat evening

~i'm excited to try~
~no hair loss of course because no combing~

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  1. I look forward to hearing about your 1st henna.! I used Lavendar's recipe too. I used VO5 and Kenra, but I never even thought about Aussie. I think I will use the Aussie next time. It was a great experience. Just waiting for this, and waiting for that, but I tell you, I felt so liberated and like a kid again as I smothered that goo(looked like mud) all over my hair. I even let my daughter apply the last coating. I hope it goes well.