Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Daily check in: day after gym

So last night I went to the gym (usually go Mon-Thurs). When I go to the gym I do one of two things with my hair. I either:

1. at gym: leave it in a bun
after gym: then spray with a little aloe juice, moisturize (Wave Nouveau Finishing Lotion and/or Elasta mango butter - love this!!) & seal (HB castor oil), pin up, and cover with satin bonnet or scarf when I get home.


2. at gym: apply my DC and hot6oil to my dry hair, cover with shower cap, cover that with scarf, then cover that with a hat. I know I know lol. I do this so I can get a DC in while I exercise
after gym: I just wash, apply leave-in & seal, then airdry.

Last night I did #1. This morning I moisturized and sealed (m&s) and put my bun back together. Thing is, it is best to m&s in sections but because I'm no longer combing, I just m&s the outside of my style and the ends because I don't wanna disrupt the hair since I don't think I can finger comb it back into a bun. I figure at least I wash often enough for the hair on the inside to get a good m&s 2 or 3 times a week. Besides, sometimes I do separate the hair a little and m&s the middle. I can't figure out how not to comb, keep my style, and m&s in sections every night.

Hair & bun today.

oh! I should mention that in the winter I always cover my head when I head out...I take the bus to work. What I do is put my satin scarf over my hair and cover with a hat (both morning and evening). Of course, most times that flattens my bun so I just reform it when I get in to work. Sometimes, I don't do the bun till I get in to work.

~only lost 2 hairs lol~

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story it really helps. looking at ur regimen. You seem to use a lot of protein.