Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Daily check in: cowash/DC & soft bonnet hair dryer

First things first, my cowash pics.

Home from gym right before washing.

Haven't combed since Sat morning twist out...this came out as I cowashed (no combing yet) with Aussie Moist

Didn't DC on dry durign gym so had to DC for 30 mins w/heat. I used Elasta QP DPR-1 and coconut oil...not bad. My hair is soft. No complaints here.
This is the comb out. Used my biggest comb then medium sized. Just drying with scarf and a big plait.

Now for the soft bonnet hair dryer. I have been searching for one and seeing very mixed reviews but I am tempted to choose one anyhow because I HATE sitting under the other dryer. I can't choose the most comfortable position and am stuck. With this one, I can sit on the couch or bed and read...or sit at the computer. I think this will make time pass faster. Plus, I can travel with my dryer =)

Here are the ones that seem to have the best reviews overall:

Belson Gond n Hot G2138 - ugly but best reviews
Belson Gold n Hot G8282 - my current preference

Any recommendations?


  1. i own the ugly one lol...I love it, works well & is comfortable b/c i can move around

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