Monday, November 2, 2009

Moving and still took pics of my hair this weekend...

Plus I was studying for an exam...I am focused (or obsessed lol)!!

So my hair got very basic care this weekend. I need to really take sometime off to care for it soon. I still haven't done my 2 step protein since my relaxer. Just too much going on.

I washed Fri night with my Optimum pH poo and did a 5 min condition (with plastic cap) in shower with my Silk Elements Mega cholesterol. Roller set with orange setters and air dried while I shredded old mail/papers and slept. When I got up Sat, it was dry. Did a little pin up with a cute feather thing I found in Target. Yup! This style is something I can get behind. Love the feathers (I have 2 hair bands with feathers too!).

It drizzled in the eve then full on rain and I didn't get to take pics till the eve so the hair has been rained on =(

my empty apt
my temp spot for the month...a mess I know (the comforter and decor is NOT mine nor to my liking lol)


  1. I love your hair! And the clip is so cute....

  2. thanks ladies!

    @ K.D. - I <3 Target

  3. Beautiful curls, still looking great even with "basic" care.