Tuesday, October 6, 2009

All the pics and stuff - I am past 8 weeks!!!

So I am 8 weeks!!! Actually, I'll be 9 at the end of this week =D

Did a cowash with HE LTR and Nexxus (yes, trying to finish up the bottle since I'm packing), then did DC with my Silk Elements/JBCO mix for about an hour with no heat. Let airdry in 2 big twists.

I think I'm going to do my 2 minute protein tomorrow's wash then Sat wash should be the last one before I relax. Should I stretch more?
Was gonna do a wet progress pic again but I looked, saw NO progress (lol) so just smh and moved right on
DetangleHeading to the gym last nightToday's bun

My liquid gold is done (wave nouveau) so I'm stuck using mango butter which is fine with me but I miss my wn.

The next big thing I need is JBCO - I don't want to order it online. The place (sams 24/7) that sells it at a reasonable price is 38 mins and $20 in tolls away so I'm thinking I have no choice lol. I paid $15 bucks for it in the Bronx, I could do that. Before I do anything though, I think I'll take the subway to Harlem and check if they have it there. That's only $5.


  1. You make me want to do a high pony! lol....

  2. I was so desperate here! 10 weeks is the longest I've gone and I'm scared to try it again.

  3. what store in the bronx && whats the adress && the same for harlem did you get the castor oil at please share ur info =)

  4. I know no addresses. The next time I go, I'll get the info. Let me give all the info I can tho.

    In Bronx (expensive here ~ $15 for the small bottle) - a rasta store on Nereid & White Plains Rd (2 train), think it is called HIM or FOR HIM (it is red, green, and gold) where they sell natural food,etc.

    Harlem (better price ~ $8 for small bottle) - right on 125th (A train), less than a block away from the A train stop heading from St. Nicholas towards the Apollo, on the same side as Popeyes/KFC.

  5. Harlem place is a beauty supply store

  6. okay thanks very much