Thursday, October 15, 2009


I relaxed. Couldn't wait. I also didn't trim or cut although I'd like a bang, and I need to dust. I decided I'd save the bang for my birthday in Dec and dust myself when I had the time.

Hair a little thin, I think I'm gonna take a step back from all this cooking I've been doing =) and just take it easier....Modified JBCO is what I'll call it!

I am def grazing APL but I won't update side bar pics until Dec when I'm sure to be there (I hope, actually)

UPDATE: MY RELAXER PIC WAS FEATURED!! Yay! Check it out at Hairlista! The place to be. Makes me excited for full APL & BSL

Yea, it's in a ponytail. I'm sick and I have to put on a hat so....


  1. Beautiful hair! I can't wait until i'm that length!

  2. Thanks ladies! I really am in awe as well. Last time I got here tho, I ruined it (see Feb-March 2009). So my biggest challenge is to take it easy.