Wednesday, November 11, 2009

T.L.C. for fall 09

So my hair is shedding and I've been trying to keep my typical panic down. That means I'm not doing anything too drastic like henna or my Japanese treatment which I still don't have a name for hehe.

Last night I did a hot oil treatment then just cowashed it out. SO MUCH SHEDDING! I decided to trim. Did it in about 4 pieces (abt quarter to half inch...not much). I think it came out pretty straight....slight curve which I don't mind. No more trimming/dusting until next relaxer. For this weekend's wash I got my honey, so just need my garlic conditioner (Alter Ego) and I'll be all set. On Fri/Sat, I'll be doing cowash, porosity, and garlic cond/honey DC. I've also been air drying. Oh, and the following weekend, I'm considering doing another 2 step protein tx...depends on how my hair is behaving. Maybe it missed all the washing. I stopped co-washing/washing twice a week for about 4 weeks.

After trim
Today...still shedding. Grrrrr!

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