Friday, November 6, 2009

I need rehab lol

The last time I was at APL, I went and did henna (did something wrong) to control the shedding and ended back at SL.

Now my hair is shedding again (more than sheds regularly of course) and it is just depressing. Then this morning I see shorter pieces..breakage???? *faint* I don't think I can handle this mess. I just can't. Last night I clarified, then did a 2 step protein, and DC. I am planning a hot oil treatment in my near future. Like Tues evening. Something has to be done. I'm getting that same pre-henna antsy feeling. I'm like an addict looking for a fix except it seems I wanna try 5 fixes at once which will probably spell disaster.

I don't want my hair to fall off but I just can't help my curiosity.

1. My co-worker is Sri Lankan and she has this 4 step conditioning process done by this Japanese hairdresser in NJ (like 10 mins from me) and her hair just looks so lovely. She did it recently in particular because she was training for a triathlon and her hair suffered from all the training. She has MBL hair. I kinda want to wait before I do the Japanese thing. I need the name of the treatment so I can do some research (was trying to call them today but the number was busy), then I need to bring my hair back to a decent state where it isn't breaking and shedding like crazy before I even consider the treatment.

2. I've been considering going to Yerena (my hairdresser) and getting cellophanes done. It has been over a year since I did that and I think it was really helpful.

3. I'm tempted to do a light dust.

I just CANNOT do everything at once...I need to be controlled. I have to take things slowly. I hate when I get frantic about my hair. It ends up back at SL lol.

Anyhoo, here's a wet pic of my hair (camera died & no idea where the charger is...probably some box somewhere). Def APL. woot!

Shar, you will do NOTHING but research the Japanese treatment, you will NOT do cellophane, you will NOT dust. Just do hot oil treatment on Tues, and protective styling for the next week. Do nothing!


  1. Have you tried a garlic treatment for your shedding? It always works for me :o)


  2. I use garlic cond regularly but ran out and haven't replaced.

  3. LOL!!! How funny you try to do everything at once? Too funny!! Yeah, take it slow, one thing at a time, I've seen how we react and regret it later on down the line. I've been here myself.

  4. yes, LaQT. I've backed off and am taking it slow lol