Thursday, December 3, 2009

I am 7 weeks post

as of yesterday.

I think am going to stretch longer. I already have a basic plan.

Hairdresser for pin curls if I have time on Friday, 12/4
Hairdresser 12/15 (my birthday) for a side bang and blow out and wavy style - I'll be 9 weeks post
Then relaxer 12/23 @ 10 weeks post (I think)


  1. That's great. I'm 7 weeks post tomorrow. I was gonna relax around the 23rd as well but a fellow Hairlista inspired me to just keep on stretching. I realized that I was going to relax for social reasons (being around family and friends for christmas) and not because I thought I wouldn't be able to stretch further. So I'm just gonna keep on trucking until I have breakage or the new growth becomes unmanageable. May as well take advantage of the winter months (sans major humidity) when stretching is much easier. I'm shooting for late January or February.

  2. WOW! I did 10 weeks once and I was just about done so I wish you well with the stretch. I plan to relax either on the 15th at 9 weeks or 23rd at 10 weeks.

  3. Thanks! Good luck to you as well. I do a lot of damp bunning (my saving grace) during my stretches so I barely even notice my new growth.

    Can't wait to see your relaxer update!