Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend hair

Well you already saw my bun yesterday but before the hair was a bun, it was a MESS lol

I tried to do a twist out really quickly Sat morning after DC overnight (DPR-11, honey, oil) on dry hair (then washed with HE LTR condish) and it was a big flop. Hair wouldn't dry after 35 mins under dryer so I gave up, sprayed my hair with my motions leave-in nourish and put it up.

Will try again Tues night but will air dry overnight so hopefully better luck.

Can you see my face?? lol. It must be the country (translation: backward/old fashioned) Jamaican in me that makes me sooo afraid to show my face in interland. Bear with me.

*******BUN VIDEO COMING********


  1. I think it looks nice. I wish I could get my twistout to even resemble this.

  2. I think I like this look too lol...