Monday, July 27, 2009

Bun Video

***This is from yesterday but I failed big time. Eventually, I had to post it on youtube because it was too big to attach here...I need a lesson on how everyone gets video on their blog***

Ok, so I had no help so I just did it myself really quickly this morning. It is little more than a minute. The light wasn't on either so I apologize for the darkness but I think u can see everything you need to...if not, I'll redo it.

Since there is no audio, I'll tell you what I did:
*sprayed edges with Motions Nourish Leave-in to smooth them
*moisturized and sealed with wave nouv and my new carrot oil
*my ponytail holders soak in a ziploc bag in hot6oil so they dont snag my hair too badly
*secured bun with bobby pins

Finished sensible and turned on the light.

1 comment:

  1. I am at work, but you know I'm gonna check it out. I love how simple and pretty your buns are. They are simple yet very easy to dress up. Keep posting!!!!