Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lustrasilk Olive Oil Cholesterol

I needed to DC my hair badly. I washed it twice on the weekend and no DC. Not good. So I went to the BSS (beauty supply store) trying to find some prods on my recession budget...so no garlic cond since this bss sells it for $25 and the one in NYC has it for $17....I'll get that early August I think in time for my relaxer. I dislike the DPR-11, I still have some but it is so stiff and thick. So I decided to find the Silk Elements cholesterol from my wish list. They don't have it. I decide on a very cheapie ($2.99) cholesterol from Lustrasilk and wished for the best.

My review: I used the Dr. Bronner's and did one quick shampoo, then applied in sections, and sat under dryer for about 30 mins. My hair felt great...nice and smooth while washing it out...no additional shedding. I only finger comb prior to washing and don't detangle till I'm rollersetting with the leave-in (NTM) and hair detangled fine. I like this. The consistency works for me. It's not very thick at all...no quite runny but seems like it could also co-wash.

Because I have an in-built doubt of cheapie stuff, I'll incorporate one hot oil treatment before I relax on Aug 7th.

Since I don't detangle till I'm styling now, I don't really take good wet pics but Miss Alexis made me curious about my APL status and this is the best way to see it since it is always bunned or curly it seems.

Fresh out the shower, no detangle or leave-in so a little clumpy..mayyyyyybe APL???

Tried to pin curl lol
Crazy style...bun tomorrow lol

My small curls did get lots of compliments Sunday and Yesterday....I may do them again this weekend


  1. I see why, it is a cute style.

  2. in you wet pic, your longest strands look to be APL.

  3. unfortunately I didn't make APL but I am determined to have a good stretch this time. 7 weeks of great hair care...plus the Hairlista castor oil challenge.